Yatil Rod of Zooming

Magical Rod


Strong transmutation; CL 13th; Prerequisites: Craft Rod, reverse gravity; Price: 81,900; Cost to Create: 40,950gp + 3,276 XP; Reference: Greyhawk Adventures hardback.


This item was created by mountaineers of the Yatils to ease their travels among the jagged slopes and ledges. However, the rod has since become a device of mischief and the cause of many deaths.

The rod can affect one object or creature at a time, “zooming” up to 200 pounds per charge expended, to a maximum weight of 600 pounds. Zooming movement is in a straight line, and any creature moved in this fashion is responsible for its own landing. The maximum distance is 100 feet, though a shorter distance can be specified by the wand’s user. An unwilling creature can make a Will save (DC 17) to avoid the effect.

An object or creature can be hurled horizontally through the air and accelerated as if falling vertically if (twice) the normal number of charges are expended. A creature that hits an obstacle takes 1d6 points of damage for every 10 feet traveled; items must make a successful Fortitude save (DC 17). A 30-foot “zoom,” for example, inflicts a total of 3d6 points of damage upon a character striking a solid surface. Note that a
creature hurled over the edge of a cliff takes no damage from the “zoom,” but does suffer normal falling damage. If insufficient charges are expended, the results are correspondingly slight.

CREDIT: The World of Greyhawk: Magic Item Compendium, image from Friendly Crystals

Yatil Rod of Zooming

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