Gorna Market: Crafters

Gorna Market: Crafters

Reflecting Dreams Glassworks
Risaline Worldsong (Elf Expert 16)
Risaline is an elven glassworker whose creations are world famous. If it can be made of glass she can make it. If it can’t…she can make that too.

The Halfling’s Weed and Demihuman Delights Emporium
Andrus Longwalker (Halfling Expert 18)
Goran Metalfist (Dwarf Expert 12)
Janus Yevanstl (Elf Expert 12)
Spurious Starspotter (Expert 10)

This shop is a Tobacco shop and also an eclectic gift shop of everything stereotypically elf, dwarf, halfling or gnome. Trinkets, games, small pleasures, Wine, Beer, delicacies and cultural oddities all are sold here. Andrus owned a huge tobacco shop but bought out struggling shops of other demihumans and made them partners. He forged a huge emporium of the cultural joys of demihumans out of their failed businesses.

Pelors Bitch Slap of Grace: Strong Healing for a Difficult World
Darrien Dunnigan (Fighter 7/Cleric 8)
Darrien is a rough customer harboring a heart of gold. He sells healing potions as well as healing lessons and a consulting service for undead and how to kill them.

The Gnome in Your Home Furnishings and Random Inventions
We’ll Help You Fix It Tools
Phinneas Mindfog (Gnome Mage 5/Expert 10)
Ferboutous Mindfog (Gnome Mage 10/Expert 5)
Phinneas and Ferb make anything and everything. They will build a home and furnish it, as well as do inventions on commission. They own both shops and take apprentices.

Oerths Precious Bits: Gems and Jewelry
Isabella Gemseeker (Gnome Ranger 10/Expert 4)
Isabella often bothers the gnome brothers nextdoor but since they used to be in the same adventuring group as children, they do not mind. Isabella’s assistant is Stephanie Sanders, 12 year old daughter of Sir Christopher.

The Shape Inside Woodworkers and Furniture Makers
Dustin Benton (Expert 10)

Handmade Memories Pottery
Heather Ganter (Expert 9)

Bend to Your Dreams Metal Works
Travon Nightwork (Dwarf Expert 15)
An expert in all kinds of metal as well as aesthetic sense. Some elves believe he is a reincarnated elf and do not see why he gets angry when they mean that as a compliment. His prices are equal to his skill but he has waved cost if a project was interesting, new or beautiful.

Legendary Tastes Catering
Elaine Travers (Expert 12/Noble 6)
If you need a party or a banquet done on intimate or royal scale, this is the place for you. For two people or two thousand they can make menus, food and execute the event. This shop employs Aldrech Sanders, son of Sir Christopher.

Night Songs and Morning Ballads Instrument Shop
Harold Quarrel (Expert 12/Bard 8)
Harold can make almost any instrument. His prices are good and he will give lessons at a cheap rate for children or music lovers. He holds story contests all the time. He has no memory of his life until age 25. Although this is half his life plus a few years, it does not bother him. No magic has been able to restore it and he has come to terms with it long ago.

Heart of Beory Fabrics
Gabrielle Miller (Expert 11)
All natural fabrics and clothing are sold here. Everything is done in ancient Flan style and in great reverence to Oerth.

Elven Imaginings Clothing
Nimossa Flessen (Expert 11/Cleric 5)
This shop specializes in Elven fabrics and designs. Nimossa is a cleric of Sehanine Moonbow whose clothing has ethereal beauty.

Gorna Market: Crafters

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