Grand Duchy of Geoff

Grand Duchy of Geoff

General Information

Geoff is situated in the western Sheldomar Valley region of the Flanaess. The Crystalmists to the west, the Barrier Peaks to the north, the Stark Mounds to the south, and the Javan River to the east border the nation. Its closest neighbors are the Valley of the Mage to the north, Gran March to the east, and Sterich to the south. Geoff encompasses the entire Hornwood, most of the Oytwood, and the western portion of the Dim Forest. It is the oldest nation in the Flaness and the source of many Flan creation myths.

Due to its isolated position, Geoff experiences some unusual weather. Morning fog is quite common near the Dim Forest, contributing to northeastern Geoff’s reputation for secrecy and hauntings. Rain is plentiful, with short, violent thunderstorms. Geoff experiences significant snowfall in winter, especially in the mountains and western regions.

The human folk of Geoff show strong Flan racial characteristics, tempered by Suel and Oeridian influences. Sylvan elves inhabit the Oytwood, Dim, and Hornwood forests, and dwarves dwell in the Crystalmist and Barrier Peaks mountain ranges. Gnomes are present in the hilly regions south of Gorna
(The capitol). Halflings are also found in Geoff.

As of 591 CY, the population of Geoff was numbered at 1,490,000 persons, the vast majority being humans. Elves, halflings, dwarves, and gnomes make up less than 20% of the total population.

Relations with Peaceful Nations Within Geoff

Dwarven Nations

The Dwur (Dwarves) of Gyruff are organized into three Clan Holds. Clan Deepholm, made up of mountain dwarves, is just West of the cantrev of Ystrad Cloer and is home to the Three-Hold Thane that rules over all dwarves. Deepholm is known for its ale and its military might. Clan Stonereaver’s hold is in the Barrier Peaks and the clan is known for their magical capability. Stonereaver’s are mountain dwarves. Clan Underhill is composed of hill dwarves and resides in the low hills or Urtcheck. Clan Underhill is known for their mining skill.

Elven Nations

The Dim forest is largely populated by wood elves. The Oytwood is home to the Grey Elves and the Weeping Council which guides them. The High Elves reside in the Hornwood, recently reclaimed from the giants and led by a new High King.

Gnome Nation

The Stark Mounds is in the southern area of Geoff and creates the border between Geoff and Sterich. In these rolling lands live the Noniz (Gnomes). There are 13 clans of Gnomes led by a king, who rules from Moundgnomery.

Castle Everdawn And The Royal Family

Castle Everdawn is the royal castle of Geoff and ancestral home of the Everdawn family. House Everdawn is the ancestral house of the first arch clerics of Pelor, Rao and the others in the Flan pantheon. Dawn is a strange word in the Flan language. It translates at the same time as dawn and hope. Some ancient records do refer to the family as Everhope. The word, at the same time can be
translated directly albeit loosely as the term Pelor. The current royal family is scattered but the country has recently been liberated.

King Owen, knowing a prophecy of the return of the archlich had to make a terrible decision. He could leave his children with him or scatter them as they were born to help defeat the archlich in the future as well as save them from a being known only as the Dark Herald, who sought them on behalf of the archlich.

He had his first two daughters with his first wife Gwendolyn. After her early death from a natural disease, he remarried a woman unknown to his advisors but who was in truth a woman he met during a brief stay in Ravenloft. He had one more daughter and an son with her before the Giant/Drow invasion.

People believe that most of the population of Geoff was killed and eaten by giants and orcs. The fact is that the mystery of the missing population is all Owen’s doing. King Owen, Using the Last Tapestry King Owen saw that the population would be slaughtered and raised as Vecna’s troops. To prevent this he used the power of the Royal Gems of Geoff to suspend the population in time. This locks the King in a catatonic state where he ages at an accelerated rate. Queen Ivana has been taking care of him hidden with the Riverfolk of the Rhenee, who are related by blood to the Vistani as well as secretly contributors to the ancient bloodline of Everdawn.

King Owen lies on a barge that never strays too far from Greyhawk city and the protection of Zagyg. He has now aged to an apparent 90 years, even though he is only in his late 50’s. Only Ivana and the former Steward and Grand Marshall of Geoff Sir Alderech Sanders knew of the gems and the location of the King and the children. With the death of nearly all of the Sanders family in defense of Geoff the secrets lie in the letter kept by Sir Christopher to be opened upon the liberation of Geoff. In it is not only the locations of the royal children but the details on the death of his mother Stephanie Saunders. A powerful Cleric of Rao, he always knew she died using the special holy swords of Rao to destroy a Red Dragon who was devastating a village. But the secret of the story is that this was also to cover the removal of the king and queen to safety. Stephanie gave her life to make sure the Royal Family was taken away to somewhere where the king could enact the ritual to save Geoff. The other fact contained in the letter is the revelation that it was not just a Red Dragon but the long feared and prophesied being, the Dark Herald. All indications are that the Herald survived.

Current Royal Family

The Brenin King Tristan (Janicath)(Diamond)
The Brenna Queen Mother Ivana Zarovan Everdawn (Ruby)
Tywysoges (Taiosey) Princess Vine Everdawn (Amethyst)
Tywysoges Princess Amberlynn Everdawn (Sapphire)
Tywysoges Princess Jenna Zarovan Everdawn And Jenna 2 (Emerald and Rainbow Moonstone)

The Crown Prince – Tristan Zarovan Everdawn

Simple farmers and woodworkers who were refugees of Geoff raised Tristan. They knew of his origins and took care of him as their own. Over time he developed a love for the god Allitur the brother of Rao. He is the god of Laws, Ethics and the maintaining of Cultural Traditions if they are for the good of the people. Although only 13 he is seen as generally wise and open. Although he values laws and tradition he does not do so at the cost of others. Many remark on his ability to make keen judgments for his age. He was accepted as a Paladin by the church and lives in Greyhawk city, his adoptive parents being killed in the Greyhawk wars. Tristan is still in many respects a shy boy. His charisma comes from an open and honest heart rather than a dramatic way of doing things.

Castle Staff For Brenin Tristan Zarovan Everdawn

Steward of the Realm- Rhys Gargannon (M)
Constable of the Realm- Sir Christopher (M)
Chancellor of the Realm- Ceridwyn Clark (F)
Royal Seneschal- Morgan Jennings (F)
Archpriest of Geoff- Jasper Elles (M)
Wizard of the Realm- Jalarzi Sallavarian (F)
Royal Spymaster- Jenna Everdawn (F)

The Counties and Their Rulers

County Name Capitol Ruler
Araul Anterth Tycha (Tika Town) Gwain the Just (Paladin 9)
Arweth Hochoch Bedwyn the Fat (M Ari 7)
Cymeravon Oytmeet Jenna Everdawn Tywysoges of the Realm
Dwyr Hocholve Sierra Blackblade (F Fighter 6)
Eryrnyth Gorna King Tristan (Expert 4/Truth Seeker 8)
Ffrwythlon Dol The Lea Amberlynm Everdawn Tywysoges of the Realm
Gwyrth Bryn Dersyth Ilan ap Dyved (M Cleric of Pelor 12)
Melgorn Hornwood Alwen Lloyd (F Ranger 10)
Rhwng Coed Midwood Talvan of Allitur (M Paladin 10)
Rhychdir Rhos Pregmere Vine Everdawn Tywysoges of the Realm
Ystrad Cloer Pwyst’s Rhyd (Pests Crossing) Dylan of the Hornwood (Ranger 13)

Special Offices

Ambassador of Gnomish Race- Fenderus Von Caliper
Ambassador of Wood Elves- Alenesteren Dawnsight
Ambassador of Dwarfish Race- Dramarshal the Smith

Hills 5 15 mineral
Mountains 4 5 mineral 10 stone
Forests 5 20 wood 5 food 10 fur
Water 6 12 food
Plains 12 48 food
Ruins 2 12 Gold

Mineral Units 20(100 Gold U) (Mithral, Adamantium, Gems, Gold, Copper, Silver)
Stone Units 40 (10 Gold U)
Food 65 (3 Gold U)
Wood 50 (10 Gold U)
Fur 80 (30 gold U)
Exotic Goods 10 (50 gold U)
Wood Goods 20 (15 Gold U) Magic Items 2 (20 gold U)
Ruin (20 gold U)

Income 2,570,000 gold
Royal Family Holdings and Coffers 20,000,000
Population 150,000
Tax Rate: 15% (385,500)

Grand Duchy of Geoff

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