Title: The Lady of The Final Door, The Kind Daughter, The Guiding Hand,
The Bringer of Peace
Home plane: Elysium (The Twilight Garden of Paths)
Power level: Intermediate
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Transitions, Passage From Life to Death, Protection of Souls, Death
Domains: Death, Protection, Magic, Travel
Allies: Urogalan, Dalt, Pelor, Nerull, The god of The Crossroads

Leara appears as either a teenager with Suel appearance and her mothers (Wee Jas) red hair and green eyes or an older woman in her thirties. As a teenager she has a decidedly street ratish roguish appearance similar to the younger aspect occasionally taken by her father (Dalt). When in her more matronly role she wears soft purples and whites and uses this form when bringing comfort. It is said she is the one who now transports all souls on Oerth to their final resting places and final judgments.

Other aspects


Escort of the dead, Leara is a kind goddess who makes it her mission to meet with each soul that dies. She abhors the sacrifice of sentient beings since those souls, if given to a demon or devil, are in dispute and not taken to their proper places. Because of this she has become an implacable for of demons and devils and seeks to protect the souls of those who are given to these monsters.

She opposes evil undead but will not interfere in places like Hollowfaust; where the agreement of the community and people allow for undead. Should would however oppose any creation of evil undead even in Hollowfaust. She works with the Speakers of the Dead there and demands that all her clergy either help ghosts resolve what holds them in the world or send them on with force if that fails.


Leara’s clergy tend to the dead and dying, bringing peace and comfort to the living. Their main concern is the safety of souls and that in their final passage they are protected.

Twilight and Dawn are sacred times to Leara and it is then that her clergy has their services. Her main holy day is the 4th day of Brewfest…called “First Passage” to celebrate the day she ascended to godhood.

Artifacts and associated magic items


Allies with Dalt, Istus, The Elven gods, Pelor, Yondalla, Garl, The Dwarven gods and all generally good gods. On good terms with her mother Wee Jas.

Enemies with all devils and demons and evil necromancers. Opposes anyone, god or mortal, who prevents souls from their final destined passage.


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