Lightouch Family

The Lightouch Family


Hubert Lightouch
(52, Expert Tobacconist 19)

Hubert is wise and kind. Not an adventurer by any stretch of the imagination but perhaps the best father any adventurer can have. Willing to cook and clean as his wife, as he puts it: “Paladins about” he is a master Tobacconist whose skill at that art is only surpassed by his skill at being a husband and father. He reasons that: Since a Hearth Paladin will always be a better mother, cook, spouse and fighter… he had best be good at something.

His wife finds his self deprecation charming and wonders if she would be as good at any of those things without him. Hubert worries about his children, Marsys in particular. She is curious, courageous and talented. He has always thought those things laudable but dangerous when combined. He has begun to understand that whatever Marsys is doing is dangerous and important. His main concerns are that she is safe and always knows where her home is and always will be.


Mary Ann Lightouch (nee Willowbank)
(47, Paladin Hearthkeeper of Yondalla 14)

A warrior since birth, Mary Ann always defended those weaker than herself. She did it on the play ground, the streets of Elmshire and the back alleys of Greyhawk City. She always felt a strong attachment to the mother goddess Yondalla. Perhaps her desire to defend others and motherly instinct comes from dealing with her younger brother, Finster.

Finster was always an active child. His curiosity and desire for adventure reminds her so much of her daughter Marsys. And that terrifies her because Finster went exploring with a group about 20 years ago and never returned. Mary Ann both led the rescue party to find him and was the one who told her parents that he was not coming home. She finished her training and became a paladin soon after, always feeling that she owed the world something for failing to protect her brother. She does not let it show, but it is her greatest fear that one day she will realize she has been waiting just a bit too long for her daughters letter, and perhaps one is not coming. The world gets cold when we stray from the fire of the hearth… which is why she has sworn to keep it burning for all halflings.


Marsys Lightough
(27, Pathfinder Delver 9)

Born in the village of Elmshire, Marsys is the daughter of a tobacconist (father) and a Hearth Keeper (Paladin) of Yondalla (mother). As a young child she was enthralled by the travelogue A Life Afoot by Pontus Hardiggin. She was filled with a wanderlust to a level uncommon in most halflings. She enjoyed the pastoral evenings in Elmshire and the magnificent market of the Free City of Greyhawk equally.

As she grew she read more an more about exploring ancient ruins and knew what she wanted to do with her life. She told her parents at age eight that when she was close to thirty she would go and become an explorer of ancient places and legends. She would do this, and then come back to Elmshire around the age of 54 0r 62 to live out the final several decades of her life and take care of her parents in their twilight years. She even had a map of all the places she wanted to go.

Terrified and amused, her parents did not take her seriously until at age 25 she started getting her supplies and gear together. When approached by her mother about the danger of her chosen pursuit she said: “I know, isn’t it wonderful!!!!”

Seeing that there would be little hope of dissuading her, Marsys’ mother and father set about getting her the training needed to assure her survival.


Thea Lightouch
(23, Cleric of Yondalla 7)

Thea has always been fascinated by Yondalla the mother goddess. Where her mother is dedicated to the protection aspect; Thea has been enthralled and dedicated to the creation and mystical aspect of Yondalla. A peacemaker in Elmshire, Thea is a fast rising and well thought of cleric in the church of Yondalla, who is well thought of by everyone. An avid amateur astronomer who loves to stargaze and chart the movements in the heavens, she can be found on top of the church of Yondalla in the evening using a telescope and spyglass her father bought for her when she became a cleric.

More than any family member outside of their mother, Thea knows there may be a day when Marsys may not come back because she will be dead. Marsys has always believed she would adventure and return and retire in Elmshire. When she last saw her sister at Growfest she could tell that she was no longer certain of that. Recently the elder clerics have begun to tell Thea that her sister has been given a great revelation that will be a burden to her. This distresses Thea, and she wonders what she can do to make that burden lighter.


Melvin Lightouch
(17 Expert Tobacconist 5)

Melvin is meticulous and picky. These are excellent qualities in a budding master tobacconist, but can be infuriating in a brother. Melvin either has his head down in a project or his nose in his sister’s business.

It is not that Melvin is wrong or arrogant, but he has his own way of doing thing that he believes are the best no matter what. He corrects Thea and Calinday far less than he corrects Marsys… who confuses him in a pleasant but exasperating way. Where Melvin will sit for hours cataloging butterflies on a relaxing Sunday, Marsys will run into the field and scatter them. They are the closest of the siblings and the ones who argue the most.

M arsys sister

Calindy Lightouch
(13, Illusionist 3)

Calinday has loved magic since she saw her first dawn. She loves the play of colors and shapes and music. She has decided to become an illusionist so she can be a children’s entertainer when she is no longer a child herself.

A very promising young illusionist, actress and musician, Calindy is in every play, performance and public event Elmshire has to offer. She takes her joy in life from her father and is the living example of the lifestyle her mother strives to protect.

Her goal is to always bring a smile to people and to tell the stories of the halfling people. She understands the beauty of the Elven stories, the strength of the Dwarven tales and all of the other merits of the tales of the races. But to her, the humans and the halflings have the greatest stories that are just about all the facets of life.


Dalgen Lightouch (6)

A child of curiosity but in a completely different way than Marsys. Dalgan loves books. He would devour them like candy if it was possible. He loves to explore but is far more fascinated by stories and a leisurely pace than running into holes.

His favorite sister is Calinday, although he loves all his siblings: Calinday for her magic and joy, Thea for her stories of the stars, Melvin for his reliability and Marsys because she is bringing back the world to Elmshire for him. He is fascinated by the stories Marsys brings home to tell, as well the gifts and baubles she brings.

He can occasionally be seen with Thea on top of the church of Yondalla gazing at the stars hearing the tales of all the races reflected in the constellations. He will then go and help Calinday act them out and wait for Marsys to come home with stories of how everything is really going… and tales not even told in the stars.


Barnaby Lightouch
(34, Cleric of Urogalan 7)

Marsys cousin, Barnaby was a child who was full of life and energy. His choice to become a cleric of Urogalan shocked his whole family. The halfling god of death, although an expected part of life, is not a welcomed thought to the carefree people. As a result his clerics are slightly removed from gatherings and, although welcomed, often keep to themselves. Barnaby believes that if all he loves will pass eventually to the earth then to Yondalla, and his people do not like to face it… then someone must be there to lovingly comfort and aid in the process.

Lightouch Family

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