The City of Shatterd Glass

The City of Shattered Glass (formerly The City of Morning Rainbows)

An ancient Elven city beneath Geoff in the Oytwood. Originally called the City of Morning Rainbows (due to how dawn reflected colors from the glass and crystal spires); This was the first city the Elves built to trade and cooperate with humans. It was, for centuries, the center of learning, art and trade for the Flaness. It was the height of Human/Elven cooperation and exchange of knowledge. Just north of the ancient city of Fleeth, the home of Vecna, it was the logical first place for the legions of the Archlich to strike.

The city was devastated as unexpected waves of undead washed over its crystal walls, shattering and destroying the great city within hours as it buckled under the sustained powerful magic from the very first lich.

A treasure trove of history, it contains the art, music, magic and philosophy that was created by the closest human and elf cooperation that ever existed. The myths of what lies within the shatters dreams of the city’s bones are beyond count. So too are the horrors…because it is said many of the war troops of the archlich are undying and terrible.

It sits, now excavated…at the edge of the Oytood. Shattered stained glass and broken rainbow spires achingly still attempting to arc into the morning light. Passage into the city has been magically boarded from within. The city seems to be waiting for the right people to enter.

The excavation has been led by Queen Elestrandeen of Geoff, who had studied the stories of the city in her days as a bard. She was the one, who with royal funding, discovered the location of the city and carefully and lovingly has led in excavating it.

The City of Shatterd Glass

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