It is 636 CY. There have been thirty years of peace since the destruction of the god Vecna. The new Flan Empire has the throne in Geoff and stretches to Veluna and the Lortmill mountains in the East and the Azure sea in the south.

It is a year with so much to celebrate:
The rebirth of the Shield Lands.
The 700th anniversary of the Free City of Greyhawk.
Thirty years since the fall of the Archlich.
Thirty years since the return of Nerull’s sanity and the restoration of balance to the great dance of Pelor, Nerull and Beory.
Thirty years since the rebirth of the god Dalt and the ascension of his daughter Leara to godhood as keeper of the portal between life and death.
Thirty years since the foundation of the new Flan Empire

But unknown to the mortals of the world, the darker planes are coming out of a period of chaos created by the power vacuum of Vecna’s demise. The Archdevil Asmodeus has emerged from the struggle far more powerful than ever before. He seeks, allied with the god Kyuss, to usher in a new age of darkness by opening the gates of the darker plans into the prime material with the aid if the enigmatic and terrifying being known as the Chosen of Kyuss.


Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

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