Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

A Paladin in Hell

Harvester 18, 636 CY

Dearest Cousin,

Our talk with Celasur proved to be quite useful. She evidently has tired of her existence as a slave to Asmodeus and took the opportunity of an area where only Suel magic would be used to make plans to help us. It seems she hopes to either anger Asmodeus so greatly that he destroys her outright or to find someone who has the power to free her. Ardes suggested Dorgha Torgu, the Baklunish god who destroyed the Suel Imperium and was stripped of his divinity until the Heroes of the Key helped him find his own redemption , might be willing to aid her.

Celasur explained that, due to the rules of the place, Zegran, disguised as Jack, would need to travel through all of the layers of hell to get to Asmodeus. This would give us options of where we could attempt to rescue him. I proposed that we might be able to pit Glasya, Asmodeus’s daughter, and Levistus, who was frozen in a block of ice as punishment for slaying Glasya’s mother, against each other. Levistus was well known to hate Asmodeus, and it wouldn’t be any stretch to think he would attempt to steal ‘Jack’ from his rival. Glasya, on the other hand, dearly wanted revenge for her mother’s death, so if we gave her enough proof of his intent to ‘betray’ Asmodeus, she would likely strike against him. In the end our plan proved to be unnecessary, but it was the plan we went ahead with.

Using the magical obelisk in the center of the null magic zone, Celasur sent us to Dawnbay, along with Reason’s Might and its crew. Rutherford Seafire was able to help us prepare for our journey while Celasur sent us forged documents of passage to ease our way through the layers of hell. We disguised ourselves as a traveling caravan.

It may sound strange, but things went incredibly smoothly. Other than a few devils dearly wanting to purchase Idrys’s demon companion, Ashell, we were entirely unmolested all the way to Levistus’s realm. In the end, I was able to pinpoint Zegran’s location thanks to the Crook of Rao. It turned out that Levistus had actually planned to betray Asmodeus all along, and some of his servants caused a commotion while they grabbed Zegran. We gave chase, snatching our colleague back with no trouble while Lianna flew into a draconian rage. There was a great deal of chaos as we fled the layer of hell.

Levistus, in his icy prison, had been drawing closer to the Mad God through his insanity and proximity to cold. His layer of hell had been infested with black ice which spat black fire as we raced away. Using his powers, Levistus actually traveled through the ice, reaching out to grab Zegran, who he still believed to be Jack. This turned out to be a terrible mistake as the Crook of Rao suddenly activated, sending its fiend destroying power into the lord of the layer. The entire plane of Hell fragmented, sending us tumbling through space. Fortunately for us, we landed in Elysium safe and sound and were able to use Jevan’s cubic gate to transport back to Dawnbay.

Jack was overjoyed to see his friend again, though still quite angry that Zegran had taken such a terrible risk. We were told that the members of our party who had not come with us had traveled to the Frost Barbarian lands at the request of Villius’s mother. It seems something terrible is happening up there, and we will be joining them shortly.

Yours devotedly,
Wilhelmina Stalwarth


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