Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

All The Characters Are Sent This Letter

Opening Letter, Sunsebb 15, 635 CY

Sent In Concern For And In Dedication To The Safety of Oerth

You are cordially invited to Castle Everdawn in Gorna, the capitol of Geoff, for our Needsfest celebration. Following the festival your presence is requested for a meeting with Sir Christopher Sanders, High Knight of the Griffon and Lord Marshall of Geoff, on the 3rd day of Fireseek. If you wish to spend the holidays with your families, such a thing would never be viewed as an insult and transportation will be arranged for you to attend the meeting after the celebration.

You may be confused by this invitation. We hope you understand that messengers are not invulnerable and some things are not to be put in writing and that is why a full explanation cannot be given in this missive. What can be said is that this is a matter of great importance to the safety of the Flaness and you are one of a handful of people to receive this summons.

If you wish to accept the invitation please go to the School of Magic in whatever town you happen to be in at the time (although we recommend Greyhawk City for the smoothest journey) and immediate transportation to Castle Everdawn will be arranged for you. You may do this at anytime between two days prior to Needsfest and the 3rd of Fireseek 636 CY.

- Yours in service to Oerth,
Hazen Canon of Rao
King Tristan Everdawn of Geoff


Davidnic Davidnic

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