Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

Always a Good Son

Harvester 23, 636 CY

Dearest Cousin,

Our trip to the Frost Barbarian lands was quite exciting. Eira Ralffson, Villius’s aunt through his mother, led an army of frost giants and demons to attack the barbarians. She is a follower of the god of chaos, Loki, and did her best to destroy her family. Hanna’s mother was kidnapped as well.

We aided the barbarians in fending off the attack, but quickly realized there was some other purpose to this strike. The dire frost wolves that were traveling with the frost giants were sniffing around deliberately, searching for something. We discovered that there was some kind of mystical anchor point nearby, a huge chain rising into the sky attached to a great block of stone. Evidently this was something used to bind the great wolf, Fenris, son of Loki.

Eira’s chaotic nature proved to be her undoing as she split her focus between harassing her family and trying to sever the chain. The last task failed miserably when she tried to sneak up on Idrys, who used one of his special fireball talismans that only harms evil people and then used his ring of the ram to toss her off the stone block.

In the end, her demon compatriots decided it would be a better life choice to head back to the Abyss to join in the assault on hell — weakened as it is by the destruction of one of its layers. The frost giants found themselves swarmed by the dwarves of the Ratiks who had tunneled under the snow to surprise them. The frost wolves were soundly destroyed by our party members. Jack arrived with the airship to mow down more of the frost giants. Thaddeus, Vecna’s one time dark herald, arrived and, oddly, decided to aid us. And Eira fell under the hands of the family she wanted to torment. Her bones below the waste were shattered with a blast from Hanna’s horn, and Baldrun took custody of her sister.

We discovered that Hanna’s mother was being held in a prison in Pandemonium, but Villius’s sword, Nightcry, was able to open it with ease. There were many dead among the Frost Barbarians, though the cries of victory still rang out along the snow covered landscape.

Yours devotedly,
Wilhelmina Stalwarth


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