Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

Cults inside Cults

Readying 11, 636 CY

Report to the Greyhawk City Watch

As our companions went to Dawnbay to interview Jevan Seafire’s grandfather regarding the Tower of Inverness, Idrys, Villius, Loreli, and I considered what to do about the cultists in Greyhawk City. We knew that the cult of Urdlen members were meeting with a cultist of Asmodeus who was masquerading as a cultist of Ralishaz. That’s a lot of cults in one sentence. Between the information given to us by the watch and what Idrys uncovered during his investigation, it wasn’t difficult to pinpoint our suspect.

While I obtained a warrant to search the man’s residence, the others followed the cultist to see what he might be up to. He went many places in the city, but always came back to a bakery multiple times per day. Then he would take packages from the store and deliver them to different locations. He even tossed one down a well. We visited the bakery run by one Cassandra Burke and found they made excellent cakes. But the place definitely didn’t feel right.

We entered the cultist’s home after Loreli used her magic to disarm his dimensional traps. There we discovered a number of documents, some written in Infernal. Idrys used his skills to decode them, and he found a recurring date scattered throughout: Ready Reap 11th. While we couldn’t determine the significance, it seemed something vital to their plan had to be completed by that time. We also found maps to the ancient barracks in Geoff and mentions of the vile book we uncovered. It seems the cultists still want it.

By now it was night, and when the cultist arrived home it was a simple matter of tackling him, taking his holy symbol, and tying him up. We dropped him off at the Watch house, and hurried over to the bakery and realized the place was layered in spells and traps. This seemed significant, but we didn’t wish to alert them to our interference. Instead, our group located an entrance to a tunnel that leads to a cistern under Grey College. Idrys and Villius found what amounts to “cult cant” signs pointing to the Low Seas Tavern nearby.

We also spared a moment to stop at the church of Ralishaz. After explaining the situation to the high priest, he aided us by sending all of his clerics off on errands on horseback… in their underwear. If anyone can asking about our captured cultist, this would explain where he went.

Now it was time to follow the tunnel to the cistern. Our timing turned out to be impeccable as we interrupted a human sacrifice in progress. The Hand of Chance made another appearance and rescued the would-be sacrifice while we battled the cultists and their devil guards. We were successfully able to apprehend their leader, who turned out to be the bakery owner, and several of the others. After which we dropped them off at the watch house before rendezvousing with the other half of our team who had just returned from Dawnbay.

- Wilhelmina Stalwarth, Paladin of Heironeous, Citizen of the Kingdom of Ahlissa


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