Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

Dragon at the Opera

Readying 8, 636 CY

Dearest Uncle and cousins,

After all the excitement of the past few days, we finally had the chance to attend the opera that the church of Bahamut instructed us to go to. It was a lovely tale about the migration sung in Old Oeridian. I found it quite entertaining, honestly, not so dull as when we were children.

Once it was over, an usher approached us with a message to meet someone backstage. As it turns out, the grand diva, Aestrella Shanfarel, is a Greyhawk dragon. She was very attentive to our questions and seemed to understand immediately the gravity behind them. When we asked her about the dragon disease, “Scalerot,” Aestrella told us that three dragons had died from it and thought that the red dragon would be the most likely soul to have been taken. She went on to ponder that Tiamat, who shares space in the Baator, might have willingly sacrificed the soul in exchange for something suitably attractive. Not exactly the most attentive mother.

When we questioned her about the Vestige and Vecna’s Lieutenant, Acerak, she informed us that he was still “around.” Evidently he was a cambion in life, and our hostess gave us a map to his tomb. She also believes that the Plague Crow which was used to birth Bartholomew was likely some creation of Incabulos.

At this point Aestrella began hypothesizing on things that I found incredibly worrisome. She informed us that Asmodeus’s real body lies buried beneath Baator, damaged beyond repair after his fight with the greater gods, and what people see wandering around is simply a powerful projection. Most likely the Von Slythe’s were an attempt to breed a suitable new body for him. I’m not entirely sure how to process such a thought.

I didn’t have long to absorb this when the dragon presented is with even more bad news. The oldest known text of Incabulos lies in a museum in Rauxes. It was pulled from a sacked temple 600 years ago that was made of a sickly green ore that sounded suspiciously like malachite. This would go a long way towards explaining the degenerating insanity of the Naelax line.

Her last piece of information was to tell us about the Ghost Tower of Inverness. She explained that the floors of the tower correspond to different elemental planes, and that no one has ever returned from it. In addition to the Soul Gem, the tower houses another artifact: The Codex of Infinite Planes.

No wonder our enemies are so keen on getting in. We will have to beat them to it.

Ever devoted,
Wilhelmina Stalwarth

CREDITS: Image of the Vienna State Opera House.


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