Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

Journal Of Marsys Lightouch 11th of Readying 636CY

Journal Of Marsys Lightouch
11th of Readying 636 CY

The Old Man of Dawnbay

If I were ever to fall in love with a human it would be the old man Rutherford Seafire…he’s been everywhere, jokes all the time and smells like fish. He is pretty much the perfect man for this fishing community born world exploring Halfling. The universe was wise to separate us by decades. I am of course joking; but only in most respects. Within moments I did love the old coot. The old man used a Staff of the Magi as a makeshift fishing pole. Now that is pure moxie.

The old Seafire has walked the planes, I think in search of fish but I am not fully clear of the motives. But he did it, returning home often, for decades. He is now retired and a powerful mage and he and his family protect the small pleasantly beautiful town of Dawnbay.

Dawnbay is a lot like Elmshire, only not as nice. It lacks the Halfling touch of perfection. But it is…a very amazing try. Out of all the places I have been, Dawnbay comes closest to the feelings of familiarity and safety that are home. I will admit as a good sport that the fishing and fish are better there. They have more direct access to the Nyr Dyv’s deeper waters and gather a more varied and tasty variety of fish.

But the town did have the old Seafire too, and he knew a good deal about the Tower of Inverness and the Codex. He was able to tell us what planes will be represented on the tower’s floors. He said this time it appeared it would be:


Not in that order but at least those will be the planes. The problem for us is the others will be trying to get there too. Our advantage is we have the key. Our problem is one of the plane is nightmare…so Bartholomew could likely get in that way. And…if so, depending on where that floor is, he could have a significant head start on us once the tower appears. The soul gem and the codex rest in the tower and I fear that obtaining them is not enough, I think we are going to need to destroy at lest the Codex. We are going to have to find a way to destroy the Codex of Infinite Planes. I and not sure it can be done, but I am even more sure that we cannot protect it forever even if we get it.


Davidnic Davidnic

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