Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

Journal Of Marsys Lightouch: 15th of Fireseek 636 CY

Journal Of Marsys Lightouch 15th of Fireseek 636CY

Journal Of Marsys Lightouch
15th of Fireseek 636 CY

Nightmares At Megas Landing

We went to Greyhawk city and discovered that the ghost girl may come out when needed and if not she can be awakened on the next holy day of Pelor in three weeks. We also became worried that the Oerdian vampires may have gone to Megas Landing. We found out in Hardby that the people from the Landing had started coming in with old looking gems, art and coins. It seems they are trying to hide a shipwreck they discovered. Or, maybe some 1000 year old people just showed up with old coins, gems and art. The art had an odd insect theme and was made from precious metals and jade. So we decided to arrive in Megas Landing at dawn.

Having grown up in Elmshire I developed a great love for the waking of a coastal town. My beloved Nyr Dyv and Wolly Bay are nautical cousins, so I was looking forward to meeting the people of Mega Landing.

To me hope can be described in terms of the soft purple of the early morning sky as new light, that never before touched Oerth, brings into silhouette the small aged optimistic fishing boats that line the bay. The boundless hope of fishermen seeking their trade is one of the miracles of each morning. New light blending with the constant bustle of activity that embodies morning in a coastal town.

Elmshire, Hardby, Fishtown or hundreds of others small and large…just like Megas Landing exist all over the Flaness. Even though it was a town of less than two hundred souls I knew I could identify with the people. But as the dawn colors faded into the silence at Megas Landing a dreadful stillness was apparent. No one was up this morning in Megas Landing. And if no one was up in a fishing village…something was horribly wrong.

The Church of Procan was empty but showed signs of organized flight. The holy objects were removed and there were signs of a struggle near the back door. We found nothing in the mayors office, and Jevan suggested that we go to the docks. Once there we found a ledger that described the daily take of Megas Landing. All the entries were of a similar format. But three weeks ago there was an entry that was clearly put in after something else was erased. We assumed this was when they found some kind of treasure. The weather records showed that the night before that entry there was a massive storm.

If dawn to me was hope, storms the night before were adventure personified. The sea would, on stormy nights, release its’ treasure. Normally nothing more than shells and objects dangerous and romantic only in a child’s imagination. I would run to the coast line of the bay the morning after a storm to find treasure. Perhaps this one time the sea released actual treasure onto Megas Landing. I smiled at the thought until I looked around at the emptiness and silence. The sea was not always kind. Procan was a majestic crazy bastard.

We spotted a small boat alone and anchored off in the bay. Going out to it we found a cleric of Procan who had fled to the sea. He told us for four days the people of Megas Landing has been trapped in nightmares. Not waking they would wander the town on unguessable errands and carrying boxes. What they really wanted was a key from the treasure that the cleric now possessed and this was why he feld to the bay. It was an old key…odd and somehow more than a key.

We all went into the town where the cleric now insisted the mad sleepwalking bastards would not be up yet and there was now a free bar. We experimented and our paladin was able to wake them, just like the soldiers who Bartholomew had ensnared. This was obviously his handiwork. As we woke people they told us of their nightmares, of a strange tower that the key would open and the desire to get it at all costs. I recognized all to well they spoke of the Ghost Tower of Inverness. South of Megas Landing near the Star Carins stood the ancient and mysterious tower that was said to even predate the Flan.

We went to search for the cult of Kyuss and found a passage in a basement that led to an area that seemed to be where boxes were being readied for shipping. We immediately faced some Spawn of Kyuss and an Dwarf…who seemed to be an anti-Paladin who smashed a box and released airborn worms. The foul being summoned his mount, an undead steed dripping with worms. Our Paladin took great joy in smiting the anti-Paladin but the concussive blow came when our Tattoo Mage summoned a Rhino. I had read of these great armored beasts and they do not disappoint. It drove the monster and his pet backward into a secret passage. The mount dead and the dwarf unconscious..we investigated and found that the cult had fled but the dwarf was about the business of shipping boxes of worms each bearing a name of something that sounded like a disease. The work of Bartholomew was again before our eyes. He was going to try his hand a plague bringing.

We have resolved to destroy the boxes but keep some of the worms to take up the river to Greyhawk City where we will hand the dwarf over to the Church of Morradin, The All Father of the Dwarven Race. Get these worms examined and research our next step… The Ghost Tower of Inverness.


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