Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

Journal Of Marsys Lightouch: 7th of Wealsun 636 CY

Journal Of Marsys Lightouch
7th of Wealsun 636 CY

A Worm In A Top Hat

I can say, Qui’s fear of worms is getting to be a comic liability. Let me set the stage; we were in Geoff. Having returned from the planes with young Jack we had to decide what to do with him. After all a young child can not be on a pirate ship or a naval vessel and expect to be well adjusted. He also can not be there and be safe from Asmodeus. So we headed to Geoff to meet and discuss things. Kylie, after studying the papers of Dr. Cartwright, discovered that he had been sending and receiving mail to and from multiple offices he had all around the Flaness. We have no idea if he used multiple bases or if there are more of him. What we do know is that these offices are all along a ley line from Geoff to the Theocracy of the Pale. And that if Incabulos gains control of it, we are finished. Her friends, Jeremy and Frederik, were there and brought along the man who could help fight Taren: Quentin Gabriel Tarella III.

While we were there and Will and Jack discussed things with Sir Christopher, we went to dine at the Bright Road Tavern near the palace. Eventually we were all present, and that was when Bartholomew decided he had enough of our interference. First he was causally poking at the minds of some. And Idrys’ demon possessed a man to tell us something was wrong because even he was affected and that was not normal. After a stern look from Will and an order from Idrys, the demon possessed a cat instead. There were moments of struggle with nightmare for some. For instance Qui trying to Burn the inn down with fire arrows because she saw worms.

But it was not long before a strange series of nightmare like events took place that surpassed Bartholomew’s normal tricks. We found that he had actually moved us into a mirror nightmare realm. While there, Tulla could not see other people until she slapped our new friend Mr. Tarella around by accident while making sure it was not a trick. Loreli was encased in living ink. Idrys and Ardes switched bodies, much to the dismay of our Elven friend. Qui seemed fine until we were visited by a giant worm in a top hat. At that point, her fear became my comedy. This was a worm in a top hat. Yes deadly. But Barty was now feeling he could loosen things up…and apparently drop in a worm…a giant person sized worm in a top hat. Even the most absurd fears were deadly in his hands. We noticed, with a little help from Zagyg, that we could find weak spots where it was possible to escape.

We were able to free everyone, but some worms (from the exploding larger one) and shadow ink creature got away after looking like Loreli for a bit. As far as young Jack…he is going to stay with the Seafires. Because compared to hobo adventurers; they are normal. I would argue but we killed a giant worm in a top hat because our monk is terrified of them. Very hard to argue stability with that happening. But it begs the question: Was Barty being funny or is he going insane?


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