Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

Kylie's Secret Diary

Coldeven 14, 636CY

I thought I left the really bad part of my life behind when I came to Greyhawk City for good. Apparently, I was kidding myself. I can pinpoint the moment is started going to hell. It’s when I said I would help Marcus Cannerly. I have his assurance that he will say nothing to any citizen of Hollowfaust, and I believe he will keep the confidence, but I went out of fear of being revealed. Now I’m stuck going to the Isle of Woe. The place no one goes to and comes back alive. If I had known that this was my future, I could have found the jackass who spent so much time sabotaging me and just said, “Hey Man! No worries! I’m going to die in the Dungeon of the Gods! Just let it go!”

Seriously, who finds an herbalist ‘threatening?’

It’s not like I’m a great necromancer. Few Anatomists are. I know a lot, but I’ve seen ‘normal’ spell books and mine doesn’t look any different. I’m not sure what kind of expertise I’m actually bringing to the group. Or maybe Pelor wants me involved. That would be my luck. How do you get rid of the embarrassing necromancer who worships you? The Isle of Woe is pretty nice this time of year! Ugh.

And these people are crazy! Even the paladin is crazy! Marcus did not tell me they were crazy. I knew adventurers were not exactly sane people to begin with, but I thought a group hired by Emperor Tristan would be something other than bat-shit insane. Apparently, there is another member of the group I have not met yet and that is Qui Yue. No one has really said where she is, so I wonder if she’s saner than the others. Jevan does not seem as crazy, but his family? CRAZY! And, though I haven’t met her yet, I am told that Tulla’s sister is crazy on the monstrously evil level.

I’m worried that being away from the shop will give Master Moonrise a clear head. I know he’s looking for me, but he’s too busy actually flirting with me to notice that I’m his mark. He has the smell of the Secret Police all over him. Without me there, will he notice the Maiden’s Hair Ivy and Grower’s garden? I’m hoping that he will be sullen instead. I still haven’t managed to get out of him why he’s looking for Master Evernight. Am I a criminal being hunted down for sedition? Whoever is powerful enough to destroy my work right under the nose of the Secret Police could get away with a charge like that against me. The description Jeremy has of me is vague, which makes my dye job all the more effective. My saboteur having forced me into isolation in Hollowfaust has actually helped me evade anyone in pursuit.



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