Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

Kylie's Secret Diary: Brewfest 5, 636CY

Brewfest 5, 636CY

Brewfest 5, 636 CY

James took me to the Moonbeam Pastry Shop hidden deep in Clerksburg. During Brewfest, the shop offers a full line of decidedly potent alcohol laden sweets. His father came along to chaperone, but we ended up helping him back to the main house before heading off to the opera, only this time with his exasperated mother.

I know that this started as some plot of Millie’s, but I don’t mind. James’ interest is genuine. He’s afflicted with his mother’s ‘Hollowfaust love.’ That woman is seriously into the City of Necromancers, which is good since she handles that supply line for the family. While James pulls bodyguard duty on occasion, his job for the family is contract negotiation and he’s very good at it. He was responsible for the current contracts with the Noble Council of Furyondy and the Yeomanry. He stops by the shop to see me when I manage to be home for a bit and always finds the seat next to me when I go to the main house for lunch with Millie.

Young Jack found my copy of Master Raven Mournhold’s Treatise on Surgery and is in the process of devouring it. He has gone beyond tinkering with his zombie to using it as practice for the techniques in the book. He’s working on making stitches with minimal scarring, skin grafting, and limb reattachment. He made a list of things he would like for the next session, so i’ll be seeing the Bone Market for materials.

Millie’s wedding planning is well under way. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried on least forty dresses. I’ll need several for the week long celebration. Thankfully, it’s not as intense as what I would have to do if I was Wil’s maid of honor. The Oerdian wedding customs for nobility are killer. Not so bad for everyone else though. It’s still weird when compared to a one day only Hollowfaust wedding.



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