Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

Kylie's Secret Diary: Coldeven 23, 636 CY

Kylie’s Secret Diary: Coldeven 23, 636 CY

I have decided to reserve my one shot at Moonrise for a later date. I’m too confused to waste it right now and he’s so infuriating I know I will need it after he does something really stupid. My biggest worry now is that Master Asaru got wind of this and has convinced Master Baryoi that I’m a danger to the city. After I sent Hekel and Jekyl away, I sat on my bed for a while and stared at my coat and hat in the armoire. I hate missing home. I made a point of compartmentalizing my constant work on terra forming plans for the faust as academic. A little obsession that wasn’t really my heart’s cry. I’m just kidding myself.

When I went back down to the shop, Michael and Garrett were waiting in the office and wanted to know if they should notify the Family. I assured them that it wasn’t that kind of trouble and thanked them for the concern. They gave each other that look that said Millie was going to be all over me.

And she was that evening. Nothing really gets past her. I’ve noticed that it’s a trait of the Sevestrian family. They all have this uncanny ability to suss out the personal. Not that my past was any surprise to her. She’s wasn’t worried about that as much as how it could hurt me now. It made me feel better. It’s easy not to miss home when you have so many friends who care about you elsewhere. I was left with the distinct impression that I’m going to end up with a bodyguard while I’m in the city and I can’t complain. Sevestrian men are really nice eye candy.

She gave me three tickets to the Grey U. dramatic reading of legendary tales during Growfest. She dropped them off with lots of regret because she and her aunt can’t go this year, but I’m sure I can find a few friends to take the remaining tickets.

Maybe I’ll force the wonder twins to go with me.

Beating out Maiden’s Hair Ivy is an awful chore. It takes hours to get it pliable enough to comb out for spinning. Luckily, Lawrence and his family came by and his children are masters are beating the tar out of the ivy. I was able to comb it out and take it to my spinner that night. When it comes back spun with the wool, I’ll decide what color to dye it. It will not be gray. Never gray.

I started working on Grandmaster Danar’s package and the instructions for use. I’ve formulated a tea that will encourage fluid production in her joints and a salve that will give her a more effective pain relief. The tea should give her enough mobility to gain the use of her hands back after two weeks of treatment. I’ve also formulated a dietary plan to help encourage healing. It involves little changes so no one other than her retainers would know that she was making them. The most effective treatment I can give her actually requires my presence in Hollowfaust and that’s not happening. If I can examine her, I can figure out what is causing her arthritis and give her the best treatment. If I remember correctly, her arthritis struck her young and while that’s not unheard of, there is no reason simple pain treatments for wear and tear aren’t working. She shouldn’t be having sudden severe bouts of pain. I suspect that her arthritis is caused by a bacterial infection, but I can’t just give her a medicine to fix that without knowing for sure. Something too strong could hurt or kill her. And I can’t teach Jeremy or Frederik how to figure that out for me. If her arthritis is an infection, I have a serum to treat it in conjunction with massage and water therapy. But if it is an infection, the questions remains, where did she get it and why has no one else been struck with it?

Lady Danar has never actually left Hollowfaust, so she couldn’t have gotten it outside the city. It had to have come from within the city, but where? I know certain Anatomists work directly with infectious diseases, but I don’t think Asaru is unscrupulous enough to have done something to someone in another guild. And it would have had to have happened before anyone knew she was going to be named the next guildmaster of the Animators. Which leads me to another question, how did he even become the head of the Anatomists? The last guildmaster was a lover of the people in the vein of Lady Carthylla. Why would he have chosen such an awful successor?

I’ve exhausted every type of barley, wheat, and rye I could get my hands on. I have avoided maize. The growers in the city already plant it in abundance and it does well in poor soil, though it is notorious for dying at the slightest change in humidity. I will try the four varieties of oats that I picked up in Geoff and cross my fingers. If that fails, then I will remap the area for animal paddocks. We could do with some serious flocks of sheep and then we wouldn’t have to import wool. It still boggles my mind that a place that uses so much wool doesn’t have flocks of sheep. That just seems basic to me since they make a source of cloth, fertilizer, and food. And now I want one of the lamb wraps they sell in Little Ket.



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