Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

Kylie's Secret Diary: Flocktime 19, 636 CY

Flocktime 19, 636 CY

Flocktime 19, 636 CY

The dream of the three dragons comes every night I don’t have a dream induced by the experience in the Cavern. One night I spend studying the fused body, the next I spend soothing them. Back and forth. When I wake up, I furiously scribble as many notes as possible before I’m forced to get out the bed roll of rest. And every time, I dream of pale skin in moonlight.

Now that I know that I’m looking at the Bonewrack, I want to know what idiot thought leaving three intact dragon hearts in a construct was a good idea. Of course they did great in the fourth siege! They were too confused to do anything other than take direction. I should name them, but I don’t know what kind of dragon the middle one is. Jeremy said he would ask.

I took the boys out to the market with me before leaving for Geoff. I stopped at the Sevestrian merchant house to speak with the coordinator and found Millie’s brother Joshua on duty. He plotted out runners on my route, handed me a list of things Millie wanted, and let me know that personal shipping charges where not applicable since his sister was paying them. When he handed back my permits, a little envelope addressed to me was stuffed in between. Inside was a certificate to one of the hidden chocolate houses in the market and a warning to beware princesses slinging haggis.

Jeremy was mildly surprised when I took them to a few places they hadn’t found in the market. He shouldn’t have been since it’s much like the shops in Hollowfaust. You have to know where you’re going to find some gems. But the genius’ mild surprise was nothing next to his swooning when I said I didn’t like coffee! More amusing than that was the flat out astonishment on Frederik’s face as I bargained my way through the market. Seeing someone haggle is one thing, but I learned from the family who turned the art form into an exacting science. One of the shop keeps paid me the second best compliment I’d ever received by saying I bargained like a Sevestrian.

I managed everything on my lists for far less than I had originally anticipated and the packages are already on the shipping lines back to Greyhawk City. I found two very interesting things this time around. The first was a woman willing to sell me the recipe to her cherry almond perfume. It’s my favorite scent and I’ve not been able to reverse engineer it no matter how many times I’ve tried. The recipe explains why. It involves roasting the cherries as well as the almonds before extraction. And I feel like an idiot for not thinking of it myself. I want to try the same technique with other fruits. Roasted strawberries in a buttermilk would smell, not to mention taste, amazing! The second was in the chocolate house. Unlike a typical desert house, it had a small apothecary shop dedicated to chocolate remedies in the back. Many of which went back to my lab for testing. Or just eating depending on how effective they are.

Jeremy and Frederik had this gleam in their eyes. I noticed it back in Greyhawk City when I took them to Little Ket for Growfest, but in Zeif it was bright and clear. Frederik revealed that they’d had a Backlunish nanny who regaled them with tales of genies and flying carpets. They were in a land they dreamed of as children, finally got to see it for themselves, and it was living up to every expectation.

After dinner I lured the genius into the lab with a promise of drinking chocolate to help me brew potions. While we worked, Frederik told me about the adventures they’d had in Zeif so far. Button sat on the worktable watching Jeremy intensely. Whether he was waiting for the genius to spill something or just unnerve him is beyond me. Not that anyone from the Underfaust is unnerved by any sort of undead.

Well, excepting Lady Danar’s personal construct. That thing downright terrifying the first time you see it.

Jeremy almost got me to slap him twice when he attempted to fiddle with the formula I’d given him. Button got up, sat on the paper, and pointed at the formula every time Jeremy reached for something that wasn’t listed in it. It didn’t take long before I was fully stocked again and ready for whatever awaited in Geoff. Before packing it up for the night, I imprinted both of them in the lab. The gods only know if I’ll need it, still if someone where to simply flip Frederik’s natural negative energies for positive, he could be injured very badly, very quickly. I don’t think that it’s something that has occurred to either of them.



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