Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

Kylie's Secret Diary: Flocktime 21, 636 CY

Flocktime 21, 636 CY

Flocktime 21, 636 CY

I’ve traveled afar and seen many places, but the Isle of Pearls is by far the most beautiful! The towering pagodas and brightly painted temples defy the flashiest of buildings in Zeif and Greyhawk City. The entire Isle feels as if it is bathed in the blessed light of Pelor. I spent the little time we had in the market looking at artwork. I wanted so much to take a visual piece of the Isle back with me that I neglected to even look in the numerous apothecaries. I know we’ll be back, but still, if Lady Carthylla were alive, she would have scolded me wholeheartedly. I hung the painting I chose in the living room.

It was very odd to be in a security detail instead of in the delivery room, but it was also a welcome change of pace. I was told that Kazuko was part crane, so it was exciting to spend some time with him. He is formidable in the way some paladins can be which does not seem to match a crane. He was serious in his duties, but carried the peace you find in a cave of still water around him. The rest of Qui’s family was very nice, but all seemed to be trained for the quest the youngest had been chosen for. No one minded this, but they all worried immensely for her.

While the food in the Isle was amazing, I wasn’t able to stomach much of it. Jevan was in fish heaven with so much variety as far as the eye could see.

We didn’t see any of the amazing and unusual undead Master Bloodsin wrote about which is a good thing. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. Floating vampires with intestines dragging behind them? Ghosts that can come back to life again if you pass their test? So fascinating!

All of my old notes were neatly wrapped and left in a cabinet in the lab. Digging through them reminds me of how much work I had to recreate over the past five years. There is no comparison between it and my work from Greyhawk City. The new is vastly superior. A sign that I was working without fear. The old serum formula looks nothing like the new. The one I developed in Greyhawk City has all the benefits of the original: double growth and sustained output in hard weather. But it is vastly superior in make. The original formula calls for rather exotic components and takes a skilled hand to brew. The new one requires nothing out of the ordinary and could be put together by any apprentice with potions training. Since the lab is equipped with an Underfaust growing lights, I’ve set up an experiment area in the back of the lab to see how the serum works on the fruit tree varieties we grow underground. I chose two peach trees, two cherries, and added two raspberry and two strawberry bushes. One of each pair is treated with the serum. If it works, I’ll have a lot of apprentices cursing my name at having to harvest and clean all the extra fruit. For me, I’ll be making a whole lot of pies and jams. Ever hopeful, I made pie crusts and pastry dough, rolled them up, and put them in the freezer.

Since I can’t fuss over my garden and won’t have any idea how the oats are doing until I get back, I have devoted myself to figuring out the problem of the Bonewrack. My bedroom floor is a mass of papers from sketching them out from every angle. I convinced the three to try to appear as they were in bone rather than as their living, fleshy dream self. It’s not something they like, but it’s easier to understand how they’re actually connected and I only needed one good look. The body appears to be made of half of the bronze and half of the silver. The unidentifiable one that ‘glues’ them together is mostly sinews and bones to fill in gaps. The three hearts are lined up in the rib cage and surrounded by two layers of ‘bone mash.’ Basically, bones that have been ground to a powder and mixed with resin to harden into a cast. It’s a very hard substance and it can take an extreme amount of damage before cracking. When I put my ear to the casing, I could hear one of the hearts beating, which isn’t a good thing. It’s probably why they prefer looking alive and fused rather than a composite of bones. I thanked them profusely and it made the silver smile a little. But they look very tired. Calling across the plane of dreams to someone is taking a lot out of them. It doesn’t help that they’re harassed almost daily.

And I can’t even walk through that damn door to do anything about it. I’m so pathetic.



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