Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

Kylie's Secret Diary: Goodmonth 18, 636 CY

Goodmonth 18, 636 CY

Goodmonth 18, 636 CY

After using the Manual of Bodily Health, I was able to eat my first full meal in years. And it was glorious! Millie was more than happy to help me stuff myself silly tasting cake and sweets for her upcoming nuptials.

Young Jack has devoured every book I’ve given him at a rapid pace. He’s been through every textbook I have and every one I borrowed from the guild’s library, twice. But his rapid pace came to a sudden halt when I gave him the late Guildmaster Astridax’s treatise on flesh crafting. He read it four times over before his frenetic pace kicked up again. Only this time he was working.

The lab was filled with Jack’s first attempts to build and animate. When he was frustrated, it didn’t take more than a gentle prod or short correction to get him going again. Living with the Seafire’s has done a world of good for him and it showed then. Early in his apprenticeship, he would be indignant that anyone would correct him. Now he easily accepts the correction, files the information, and uses it eagerly.

I set the lab to give Jack a few days to work uninterrupted. And he worked as soon as he woke up to the moment he fell exhausted back to sleep. When our time was up, he had managed an impressive crafted zombie. He just couldn’t get its animation under control. But all the zombie managed to do was knock over a few books before losing it’s footing and hitting the floor. Jack was mortified, but I couldn’t stop laughing.

I keep the zombie in the lab for him to work on when his formal lesson is over for the day. He tinkers with it, but he’s also gone to a much smaller scale. He’s built a little army of tiny bone and sinew creatures, which are much easier for him to control. Each one is a fantastic little thing and each one can handle three to four specialized tasks. How he managed to convince Ariel Seafire to let him keep them around the house, I will never know. The youngest Seafire girls have taken to catching them and putting bows on them, so he’s doing a good job of keeping them well in hand.

It won’t be long before he can handle the zombie. I’m waiting for him to figure out that the reason it is difficult for him to control is the parts he used. I’ve hinted that making it stronger physically would also make it harder to control as well. We’ll see. He’s a talented flesh crafter. If he’d been born in Hollowfaust, he’d be a lock for the Animator’s Society and maybe even one of Lady Danar’s apprentices.



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