Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

Kylie's Secret Diary: Goodmonth 3, 636 CY

Goodmonth 3, 636 CY

Goodmonth 3, 636 CY

If there’s anything Hollowfaust knows how to do, it’s a funeral. While Asaru’s was quiet and consisted of Anatomists and the Council, everyone turned out for the burning of the red dragon’s heart on the faust. Even old Unhar left his forge in the magma tunnels to attend. Wil came up and while she was startled by the amount of undead, she got quite a laugh out of watching the apprentices climb on Hareneth.

The red refused to give me his name despite repeated asking, so we’ve called him Sunnulth, which is an Underfaust conglomeration meaning ‘Red Star.’ He didn’t snarl at it, so I assume he liked it enough. I teased him a little while Grandmaster Widowson helped me prep the heart for the pyre, promising not to use him to roast sausages and marshmallows. There were no thanks. Not that I expected any. Just a deep relief that he would return to Tiamat and blissful sleep. After the funeral, his ashes were gathered and entombed in the crypt of our honored dead; those who will never rise again.

I expected Faern to show based on how vehement he was about taking care of the hearts properly, but he was no where to be found. I wonder if he found the dwarven district in the Upperfaust or just didn’t want to be around so many necromancers and undead.

If the silver and bronze had bodies to jump up and down, I’m pretty sure they would have. While I got promises from both that they wouldn’t rampage all over Hollowfaust, they both were put out that I would think that of them. Better safe than sorry, though. Jevan helped me carry them through the gate to Celestia. A gold dragon was waiting to take both hearts.

My sleep was deep, black, and very lonely that night, even with Button curled against my back.

I spent the next morning before meeting with the Council talking to the ghost of Master Whyteson. He was surprised that someone was taking an interest in his arthritis long after his own death. He gave me permission to look at his body and my suspicion about it being an infection was confirmed. His bones showed all the textbook signs. I really hope I find evidence that it was something the Suel Lich had engineered in Asaru’s labs. I really don’t want to get caught in someone else’s scheme.

I prepped a new treatment for Lady Danar and talked to my new Guildmaster about assigning a guildsman to handle physical therapy for her.

Jeremy was waiting for me outside the door of the Council chamber after the meeting. And he was immediately put out. I was wearing my coldweave and, let’s be honest, my coat is so much better looking than his. After a good pout about it, he dragged me to his lab. I’d forgotten how private a Guildsman’s lab is. Spending years sharing mine with so may employees and then the new one with the group as a whole, I don’t treat my lab as a personal statement of my inmost being. Most people, even lovers, never get passed a guildsman’s front parlor. Even with as strange as Jeremy can be, he still had that momentary pause at the door, the internal debate of whether or not to let me look.

It was a forensics lab. Surprise surprise. And his retainer was undead. I laughed and he pointed out that Button wasn’t exactly living. Yeah. Button is a sign of trust issues. His retainer is a sign that people just can’t deal with him on a daily basis.

I looked in on my lab in the Underfaust and my cottage in the Upperfaust the next day. Someone had gone through the trouble of repairing, cleaning, and arranging them, even going so far as to leave fresh flowers in the vases. While the lab showed signs of an apprentice keeping it clean and ready for use, the cottage had been prepped for me to move back into it. The original floor plan had been rearranged to look like my home in Greyhawk City. Master Baryoi gets points for figuring out that I might not be so willing to come back and taking steps to make me feel more at home.



Love all the detail as always- still cannot believe you have not won COTM


Thanks, Killervp!

All of us who are writing entries are trying to give the game different flavors. Madartiste’s posts are almost entirely game plot related while mine cover things happening around the edges. And then Dave’s stuff is a little bit of everything. I really enjoy reading Frederick’s case files. Dave says he has another one on the way involving everyone’s favorite Lord Mayor…

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