Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

Kylie's Secret Diary: Planting 16, 636 CY

Planting 16, 636 CY

Planting 16, 636 CY

Jevan’s noticed my peculiar eating habits, but has been nice enough not to say anything. Once I get to the point where I’m just pushing food around my plate, he’ll switch our plates and finish it for me. I just can’t eat much without having it come back up. I’ve researched so many ways to heal my stomach, but nothing’s worked. It just seems like I’m stuck with a very long recovery. Even now, I can eat more than I could a year ago, but my stomach just won’t tolerate much more than half a meal.

Before leaving with everyone for Villius’ home, I stopped by the market for a few supplies. In a stall of children’s toys, I spied a white cat with a crescent moon sewn on its head. The woman behind the stall talked about how it would be a wonderful toy for my little girl. I must have been feeling lonely because I smiled, bought it, and didn’t disillusion her. I named him Shadow.

Speaking of the devil, Jeremy’s feet must be itching by now.

The more I think about my map and all the work I’ve done on it, the more I realize that it will never see fruition. Or if it does, I won’t see it. At worst, Asaru has gotten wind of the investigation and has convinced Guildmaster Baryoi that I am a danger to Hollowfaust. If so, Jeremy and Frederik will see me again, though I won’t see them. At best, Asaru will be removed from office and I will be called home to vote for a new Guildmaster. If so, the new Guildmaster will promptly ask me to return to Greyhawk City and remain in exile. Though I am the victim, there will be plenty of bad blood over the scandal my situation creates within the guild and many will blame me. Even though I can offer a great service to the city, no one wants to be reminded that corruption sat on their doorstep while they did nothing, no matter the benefit. Oh, I’ll be offered compensation; a penance paid to the victim, but, due to Asaru’s manipulations, I have no friends in my guild, let alone in the city, and no one will advocate for me. It doesn’t say much for the guild Carthylla built, but I can’t expect better. In that way lies heartache.

On the upside, I make more money in a week than the average guildsman gets in a monthly stipend.

Since we are likely to go to Zeif before going back to Greyhawk City, I grabbed my permits, paperwork, and business badge. I’ll be able to make purchases in the market and have them shipped back over the Sevestrian supply chain. I’ll have to remember gifts. The apprentices are never picky, but Karen, Michael, Lawrence, and Jillina are. But they’ve earned that right, so I don’t mind. They were even nice enough to give me a list. Which was way shorter than I was expecting.

I had the dream about the dragons again. I was a bit closer to them this time. Their heads were fused into one and they slammed it off the ground violently. I could clearly make out two of them: a silver and a bronze. The third was squeezed so tightly between the other two and melded so well to bind all three together, I couldn’t tell what kind of dragon it was. The roar was deafening and forced me to my knees, covering my ears. I was on the edge of a magic circle meant to contain them. Again, everyone in the room stared at them, but did not react, until the man with the skull face appeared. A snake crawled out of its eye socket and slithered across the circle. It bit the silver in one leg and sent all three into a violent rage. Suddenly, everyone in the room was paying attention to the three, but rather than sooth them, they forcibly cowed them.



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