Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

Kylie's Secret Diary: Planting 2, 636 CY

Planting 2, 636 CY

Planting 2, 636 CY

Writing planar formulas is very very different from alchemy ones, which really isn’t a surprise. I’m thankful that Jevan was willing to loan me a few books and look over my shoulder while I worked. I have a theory that the problem with the Firefount and the Fountain of Bloody Maidens is not a necromantic one, but a planar one. The Firefount, before the Rain of Colorless Fire and Invoked Devastation spewed water in abundance, but what was the source? Not the faust and while the city sees its share of rain, there’s no way the fountain could be continually sustained from ground water. It had to have come from the plane of water. After the Twin Cataclysms it would make sense that planes attached to the fountains would be switched. If I’m right, the Firefount would become a usable resource again!

But I won’t change the Fountain of Bloody Maidens. Even spewing gore, it’s my favorite fountain. And what does that say about me?

I went to the main Sevestrian estate for lunch with Millie. Getting inside the main house is a test of stealth. Gavin VI, the oldest living of the Gavin’s, sits on the porch in warm weather or in the parlor just inside the door when it’s cold. His sight is failing rapidly, but his hearing is super sharp. Sneaking past him is considered an achievement. I’ve not been able to do it, but he likes me so he doesn’t yell when he pretends I’ve woken him. He just demands a shoulder rub. Millie gets chided for being loud and it’s hard not to laugh.

Gavin VII, Hero of the Key, was in the parlor that day and decided to join us for lunch. He was rather gratified that I asked him to autograph my copy of “Supply Chain Management: Theory and Practice” when I first met him a few years back. He quizzed me on the contents and he was pleased that I understood the concepts. He always calls me “Miss Kylie.” I decided to ask him why. He said that Droverson was not a typical Hollowfaust surname. I must have looked frightened because he patted me on the head and said that my secrets were my own. He spent the afternoon regaling us with tales of Master Sarah Bloodsin, Sir Justin Sinclair, Marcus Cannerly, and the dragon engine, Hareneth. It was apparently a treat for everyone, and the dining room was quickly packed. Millie said her grandfather didn’t often tell stories claiming that he wasn’t good at it, so when he did, everyone turned up. I ended up staying for dinner, and a good thing too. I don’t think I could have gotten out of the room had I wanted too. In Hollowfaust, you grow up on the tales, but it’s different hearing them from someone who was actually involved. Way more exciting!

I fell asleep while reading about the Suel migration after the Twin Cataclysms. I had a dream about three dragons twisted together as if they were trapped and being forced to use one mind. They thrashed about in great pain, screaming wildly like they were going mad, and begging to be three again. People stood around the three and watched as if they weren’t actually seeing or hearing the horror in front of them. When I tapped the shoulder of the man in front of me, he turned and what greeted me was a grinning skull with snakes pouring out of the eye sockets.

I woke up to Eillyassa attempting to sooth me. I left the living room and crawled into bed. When I fell back asleep, I dreamed of a pale body in the moonlight. A rather pleasant dream, but unsettling for a different reason.



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