Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

Kylie's Secret Diary: Planting 23, 636 CY

Planting 23, 636 CY

Planting 23, 636 CY

Since going to the Cavern of Suel Memory, the dreams about the three dragons have picked up. Every other night I stand on the edge of the circle, listening to them scream. Two nights ago, I crossed the circle. The sudden silence was unnerving. The head swung around, all six eyes looking at me. I almost stepped back. Instead of a shout, a whisper of three voices slithered around my head. “Make us three.” When I reached up to touch the fused head, skull face came in the room. The silver pushed me out of the circle and I woke up.

Last night, I crossed the circle again and had some time to look at the fused body. No one on the other side of the circle noticed me, but the moment skull face came in the room, the bronze gently pushed me outside of the circle and I woke up. I pulled out an empty journal and spent half the night drawing out the pieces and making notes. To make up for the lost sleep, I pulled out the bed roll of rest and promptly dreamed of pale skin in moonlight. Again, a rather pleasant dream, but still unsettling.

I wonder how my oats are doing. They should have sprouted by now. I left instructions with Karen on their care and where to find the extra buckets for a warm water barrier in case it looked like frost.

While I am looking forward to Villius and Hanna’s wedding, I am ready to be out of the cold. I’ll likely amend that when I get to Zeif. I packed my coldweave coat, but I know I’ll leave it packed. I own a lot of pretty clothes, but that coat is my prettiest. While most Hollowfausters go for plain blacks and grays, mine is dark blue and embroidered on the sleeves, front, and up the back seam. It’s a shame that it spends most of the time in my closet at home, but it reminds me of home too much to wear it. I won’t get away with not wearing my hat though. I’m way too pale and I’ll turn beet red in Zeif’s sun. But the hat doesn’t bother me as much.

I’m glad I remembered to pack extra sunscreen lotion and aloe. I’ve been to Zeif before, but it will be a new experience for most, if not all, of the others. Sun burns are no fun and I’ll have to warn everyone about the dangers of sun poisoning.



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