Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

Kylie's Secret Diary: Planting 28, 636 CY

Planting 28, 636 CY

Planting 28, 636 CY

Hanna and Villius’ wedding was lovely! And very long in celebration. So different from Hollowfaust where you get a license, marry within a year of issuing, and get on with life. We really only put a lot of effort into parties and funerals. I miss Gray Nights. Well, I miss having friends to celebrate Gray Nights. I remember the cleric of Pelor who helped me recover in Hollowfaust, Rayhin, complaining that he didn’t like Gray Nights and that he found the music from the top of the faust suspicious. He was shocked when I told him that it was little more than a barbecue all the guilds held together. He wasn’t very happy to have been put on duty with a guildsman. I’m pretty sure he thought I was mocking him by wearing my holy symbol. I wonder how he’s doing?

I am ready to be out of the cold. I’m also ready to be in Zeif and eating real Baklunish food again. Little Ket is nice, but it’s missing something of the big flavors you only get in the Grand Bazaar. And it will be especially nice since I can put away more Baklunish fair than anything else. I wasn’t paying attention twice during the celebration after the wedding and had to sneak away before I was sick in the hall. I really wish my stomach wasn’t so weak. Between my stomach and the visions, I might end up being a liability more than a help to the group.

The visions are a side effect from the Cavern, that’s for sure. I’m not sure how long I’ll have them, but Villius’ kin indicated that coming out of the Caverns meant being changed for a lifetime. My dreams are more vivid and intense as well.

I’ve had several visions concerning Asaru. In the first one, he’s found a scroll of prophecy written by Lady Carthylla. The scroll indicates a time when the mission of her guild is failing and the appearance of one who would renew it. In the visions after, he’s talking to two Anatomists highly placed in the guild. I know them both, but the vision indicated that both were agents for Glivid-Autel.

Worse still than agents of our most hated enemy infiltrating Hollowfaust was Asaru’s eyes. They burned with the black fire of a Suel Lich. He was always a jerk so no one would notice a difference after infection. How long ago did the infection take place? Those bastards inhabit a body like a parasite, eventually consuming it to give it the classic lich appearance and he still looks spry for a 70 year old. When the body dies, it simply transfers into another appropriate body. And in the Underfaust, appropriate bodies are a groat a dozen. The city has been compromised.

I want to hope that the visions are something that might be and not something that has already come to pass. But that would be lying to myself. I have no way to communicate the information and no one to communicate it too. If I ever see Jeremy and Frederik again, I could tell them, but it would only sound like wild accusations. And relying on visions from strange Caverns? That’s not going to win me any points.

It’s still likely that I won’t see them at all. Suel Liches are smart and he’ll get wind that something is going on. It’s easy to convince a long time friend that the crime committed was in the best interest of the city. That, despite all appearances, I am a danger to Hollowfaust. I’m very likely to wake up in Elysium one morning instead of the bed I went to sleep in. Hopefully, I can finish the formulas I have been working on before that happens.

I’ve been toying with the formula for the Kyuss Worm Bane on paper for weeks now, looking for a variation that might stop Barty’s worms. The problem is, unless I have an actual lab, all I can do is toy around. And I will need to figure out an amulet to keep a Suel Lich from possessing you. I’ll have to rent a laboratory when we get to Zeif. I am going through healing potions rapidly and it won’t be long before I need a stronger formula. I’ve been toying around with that on paper as well.

Besides the three dragons, I’ve been dreaming about Hollowfaust’s past. I have been dreaming about Lady Carthylla. She’s talking to her beloved Sarrant, but I can’t make out the conversation. She’s compiling a book filled with her personal notes and a set of instructions. It’s before the Third Siege. She knows it’s coming, and also knows that she will pass before it starts. She’s feverishly working to prepare her guild for the siege and the book for the future. A box has been prepared to keep it safe, but it’s obvious that the box is not going to be stored in Hollowfaust. I dreamed of the mages sent deep into the Flanaess with the box, but the group disappears along their route.

I woke up and went to the great hall where the wedding party was still going in full swing. Baldrun was talking to Wil. Wil looked upset by a bad dream and asked me to help her remember to tell Jack not to go to Sigil alone. I don’t think I will have to help her remember.

Before I had a chance to map out where the mages with the box disappeared, Baldrun spoke to me:

“You are the heir to a way of thought and compassion. You will be a prophet for a voice long silenced. Seek the book where the mages do not move. Believe in the good of the two, they are on your side. So is the reluctant lich and the woman in pain.”

Every young Anatomist dreams of being Carthylla’s heir. I know I do. But the prospect of actually being her heir? I’m not sure how I feel about that. I know the place where the mages do not move. That’s the Twisted Forest. Wil was very ready to help me find the book hidden there. Probably because it helps her not think about Jack for a little bit. The two would be Jeremy and Frederik, but I don’t know about them being on my side. We are of Hollowfaust. We are on the side of the city itself and nothing else. If my existence is judged to be in the best interest of the city, I can rely on them, but that still remains to be seen.

Oh gods, it’s not fair. I miss them so much and that makes me miss home. Why do I miss them?



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