Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

Kylie's Secret Diary: Richfest 4, 636 CY

Richfest 4, 636 CY

Richfest 4, 636 CY

Being away from Greyhawk City for such long periods and being back for such maddeningly short ones makes me realize that I have fully expatriated. Greyhawk City is my home.

I’ve always thought of Hollowfaust as my home and I’ve idealized it in ways that are, ultimately, unhelpful. I don’t have anything in Hollowfaust besides two broken labs. In Greyhawk City I have friends, family, appreciation for my contribution to the City, and a real future. While I will strive to complete the plans I have worked so hard on for Hollowfaust, I understand that all of those plans involve turning the back water, no-where city of necromancers into a real sister of the Gem of the Flanaess. While they are plans that will make Hollowfaust a real power in the world, and not just a town that survives based on the fear of its make up, they are plans that will face serious opposition. For a city that is so advanced in so many ways, it is also a city that is very afraid of the world around it. And it was that fear that made me so easy to abuse.

I was so happy to see Millie at the festival! Her engagement was finalized and I’ve been roped into being her maid of honor. She surprised me by not using the time to talk wedding. Instead, Millie spent the festival dragging me everywhere to do my favorite things. She said that I hadn’t had a break, that it showed, and she was really worried about it. And she was happy ‘those boys’ weren’t around.

Her cousin James was our assigned bodyguard for the festival. Not that either of us really needed one. I know that Millie was apprenticed to her grandfather as a teen and I am under no illusion what so ever about her particular job in the family. So I’m pretty sure an ulterior motive was involved. James is only a year older than me, available, and very good looking. Well, that’s not really saying much. All Sevestrian men are good looking. I swear all those women know how to breed is eye candy!

Millie’s brother, Gavin IX, and his wife, Blair, announced that they were expecting during dinner on Moonday. This was a huge relief for Millie and her siblings because the lack of an heir was causing a few fights, though Gavin VII never seemed the least bit concerned about it. I found out before the big announcement when Blair asked if I had anything that would help her with the nausea. Ginger candy to the rescue!

I was careful to layer down some pillows the first time I opened my lab since I couldn’t go in while in Ravenloft. As expected, Button jumped out, knocked me flat, and nearly mauled me in that way that only a pet dog can. Of course, being that he’s a necromantic construct, this meant some cuts and welts, but nothing a quick healing in the lab couldn’t fix.

Dealing with the Bonewrack was an entirely different matter. For being dragons that have lifespans that make mine look like an insects, they were very impatient for an explanation of where I was that they couldn’t reach me. On hearing my explanation, they were adamant that I never go to the demi-plane of dread again. Which was not a promise I could make. I may have gone willingly this time around, but that’s not really how it works. If the mists come you can’t outrun them.

It wasn’t lost on them that I enjoyed the break.

And the Silver very obviously felt bad about that. While the Bronze is very aloof, the Silver understands that not only am I just a human, but one involved in a lot in my waking hours even though I don’t share what that entails with them.

The Bronze enjoys being rubbed under the chin. She had an ingrown scale there in life and, rather than being painful, it itched and rubbing it gave her relief. The Silver particularly likes just having a hand on his snout. The one I can’t identify enjoys having the place between its skewed eyes rubbed. Since all three are relatively put back together mentally, I asked what kind of dragon s/he was, but didn’t get a response. The question was understood, but it didn’t want to say. The other two were stumped on the question. So I’ll find out when I crack the heart casing open. I have a sinking suspicion that it might be a very young red since it didn’t answer when I asked if Celestia was an acceptable place to take them. The other two were very happy that plane shifting was on the table.

Jevan received a letter from his family and with it was a report on how young Jack is doing. He’s mastering what I left for him at a quick pace so I’m confident he’ll be caught up to a Hollowfaust apprentice of his age in no time. I’ve already prepared his next set of lessons which are, without any apology, botany heavy. It’s the best lesson in positive energy necromancy. And if this kid ends up ruling the Von Slythe chunk of the Great Kindgom, he needs to see food from the ground up including the problems associated with growing it.

Maybe, since I’m spending my nights with three dragons anyway, I should ask them if they know anything about Lianna Von Slythe.



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