Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

Kylie's Secret Diary: Wealsun 9, 636 CY

Wealsun 9, 636 CY

Wealsun 9, 636 CY

With knowledge from Carthylla’s book in mind, I took a different approach to the Bonewrack. I told them Vecna was dead. That got their attention. Even the skewed eyes of the middle dragon had a sudden and fiercely sharp focus. Which means there’s still a dragon in there. I worked on soothing that one while I told them stories of the Heroes of the Key. S/He likes being rubbed between its skewed eyes. I don’t remember leaving the circle that night. I just woke up feeling like I was finally getting somewhere.

Qui didn’t get up for breakfast, which was really weird since she usually beats Jevan for the early riser award. When I checked on her, she was out solid and when I shook her I saw a vision of the Malachite Throne. Since her sleep was obviously magical, but something I was unfamiliar with, I went down to the engine room for the assistance of a cleric of Rao. He was just as stumped as I was, so I thanked him and grabbed the rest of the group. While we debated what to do, Tulla touched Qui and immediately passed out on top of her. Since Tulla decided to rush things, Villius, Marsys, and I volunteered to go into whatever dream Qui was having, though we sat down beside the bed so we wouldn’t fall on anyone.

We caught up with Qui and Tulla in a future where Mikaboshi had killed the Emperor and the Sun was gone. Everything was a hazy dusk and the moons did not glow. When we came to a crossroads, we found it would take us to another future. We tried several different ones, getting a brief idea of what lay beyond before settling on one to try together. We passed through a world where everything was being swallowed by living ink; the by-product of Barty’s dimensional pocket spell. We passed through a world where Tiamat had successfully stormed Celestia and met a battle weary Sir Christopher.

After a bit of trial and error, we ended up in a perfect future: one in which we save the world. And people were surprised to see us, but Sir Christopher knew what was going on and filled us in. The God of the Crossroads was showing us all the potential futures that could happen if we fail or make specific mistakes. He gave me a scroll with all the information he had on all the potential futures and let us know that the one he didn’t know much about involved Jack being possessed by Incabulos and sitting on the Malachite Throne. We made that future are next stop in order to figure out what was going on before jumping into a world in which Taren ruled.

In this world, Tulla had died at Barty’s hands and Taren killed him before taking over. While in the Clockwork dungeon she had found something: Garl Glittergold’s evil brother, Gelf Darkhearth. With a god’s power, Taren ruled a terrifying world and I had to fight hard not to think of my friends in Greyhawk City. After dodging a few enemies, we ran into Ardes and Idrys. Villius told Ardes of the world with Jack and we decided to shake Tulla at the mechanical monstrosities Taren had roaming about the place. After destroying a few of them, Taren transported us to Castle Greyhawk and unleashed…

the Bread Pudding Golem.

I always thought fighting a fat, near-sighted, balding old man possessed by a lich would be the funniest thing I’ve ever had to fight, but, hats off to Taren. We attempted to over cook it first with some grease and fire under it. Then we just summoned flocks and flocks of pigeons to eat it. Which got us the appreciative applause of both Taren and Gelf Darkhearth. With the distraction, we made a quick run for a crossroads and woke up. Once back in Geof, we reported our findings to Sir Christopher. I was glad I read the scroll his future self handed me since it didn’t come out of the dream with me. I was able to recopy it from memory for him.

I took the boys out for a change of clothing that evening. I wasn’t going to let either of them near the Cartwright offices looking like a Hollowfaust hit squad. Both of them bitched about it for different reasons, but this job is too important for them to mess up. And since the purchases were happening on my pentacle, I told them both to shut it. Gripe all they want, Frederik will be happy in a week when he realizes he doesn’t have to pinch his shoulders to keep from ripping out the seams of his shirts. The Hollowfaust cut is very tight and the Greyhawk one I substituted it with will give him more room to move. Besides, if it’s good enough for the Heroes of the Key, it’s good enough for him. Jeremy’s complaints petered out toward the end; a combination of being tired and not wanting to say that he liked the clothing. I’m sure he would have picked darker, fully saturated colors, but he needs to look less pale, not more. I gave him a compact of yellow tinged base powder in case they decided to take a ‘my brother is sick’ approach. When I gave Mr. Tarella a breathing scarf, I check theirs as well. Jeremy’s is fine, no surprise there, but Frederik will need a new one before they can head back to Hollowfaust. Which means making one in gray. Gods dammit.



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