Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

Letter From Thea Lightouch To Her Sister Marsys

8th Wealsun, 636 CY

Dearest Sister,

I write you with mixed tidings of excitement and dread. First, all the family is well. This letter has to do with the affairs of Oerth as reflected in the heavens above us. As you know it is my habit and joy to nightly sit upon the roof of the Church of Yondalla and gaze at the stars. Since we were children we shared these moments and I miss them greatly. But I still do them alone, of course, while making astronomical observations. I find that after a day of clerical duties for the church it focuses my faith to watch the heavens as well as the life of Elmshire in early dusk from atop the church.

nightly, with my tea, I have watched the heavens above and out village below. Our home remains happy and unchanged. But the heavens have been a flurry of activity…some good and some bad. The good first.

Forge of Morradin blazes in the spring sky. It is lit like never before. The Dwarves are in for important times…this usually signifies growth and a time of increase for them. If what I know of your trials are true this can only be a help for you.

Second, in the skys above the Nyr Dyv the Dragons battle as always. Bahamut and Tiamat circling each other in the tale of the creation and conflict. But there is a change in Tiamat, the star of her eye is glowing red. Fear her my sister. She has plans afoot. Each of the Dragon parents has ejected a star to Oerth in the last week. I am confident, given it was in my dawn watch, that few saw it. But come to Elmshire because I feel I know where they landed. You know the legends…what can come of this for both good and bad.

Last. And most disturbingly…the Dark Rider moves. The constellation of Incabulos; normally only visible in the dark moon because of its pale glow…shines brightly and balefully across the sky. And it moves…_*moves*_across the sky; I believe toward Rauxes.

Come home sister, there is much to discuss.

Your Loving Sister,


Davidnic Davidnic

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