Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

Letter of Taren to her parents concening her sister Tulla

Mother and Father,

I am sad that no one contacted me concerning Tulla’s quest. By now you should realize how much she needs my help. No one trying to kill her and her friends will love her as much as I do. I would think, mother and father, that means something to you. Sometimes I think there is a gap between us I just do not understand. One day, maybe it will help Tulla if I sit down with you and explore our differences. Because all I do is to help her.

I have been told by some demons I know that great things are afoot. Demons are notoriously vague and difficult torture for answers. But love gives us skills we never knew we had…and I was able to get some interesting information that I looked at over tea.

The world is moving to a new age..perhaps one of destruction or new heroes. If Tulla is to erase the shame and sorrow on our people and be the hero she can be, it will be such a long road. But it is not lonely enough. Not painful enough. She will have competent companions. Kind allies. Skilled help. And always of course…you. She will never know what it is like to not have a home to return to. To not have a place that is safe. So how…I ask you…how can she understand the void she is saving the world from, when there is always safety, allies and family. I think you see what a crutch you are. What an obstacle to her greatness you’ve become. You will agree with what needs to happen.

Don’t worry, I am not planning to kill you. I am not promising I won’t but I am not planning on it in the near future. I just need you…occupied. I need to make her choose some paths. Need to make her fear for those she loves. So she can make the difficult choices. Plan heroic rescues…or grand quests. Choose between you and the world if it comes to it. I really have no idea exactly what will be happening.

I do know I like the new paint in the kitchen. And that you and mother should stop reading and turn around…we have much to discuss. This is what a good sister does.

In Love and Bunny Kisses,


Davidnic madartiste

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