Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

Mom to Jevan

Mom to Jevan

Dear Jevan,

I hope this letter finds you well and not lost in a snow drift.

Your brother and sisters are doing well. Tom Smithson finally proposed to Sophia, but they haven’t set a date. I’ll let you know when they do so you can make it back for the wedding. Rose is still playing hard to get with Liam Madri, but she’ll come around soon. He’s a sweet boy. Clara ‘is getting a little impatient. With you gone, her mother has been pushing her to marry Rune Mistwind and she taken to spending every spare moment at our table. She’s concerned that you’ve lost weight.

Are your friends doing well? Tulla seemed very upset when you left early during Growfest.

Clara has asked that you bring her ‘blue.’ She said you would know what that means.


Dear Mom,

I’m not stuck in a snow drift, though I’ll soon be baking in Zeif’s sun!

I’m glad Sophia and Tom are finally tying the knot. They’ve been dancing around each other long enough. But Rose is lucky Liam is a patient man. I wouldn’t put up with her.

Tell Clara I’m sorry I won’t be back for a while. Her mother thinks Rune is a good match because his parents are rich and pays no attention to the fact that he doesn’t have the head for numbers. He’ll likely run the warehouse into the ground within two years of inheriting it. Eventually, Clara’s father will notice that Rune spends more time enticing his wife than Clara. That’s a scandal waiting to happen.

And don’t try to pin your concerns about my health on Clara. I know better.

Tulla was upset that her parents were not at home. Her sister was the cause of their sudden disappearance, but we found them quickly enough.

I’m starting to gain the weight back. The ring of fishes helps and so does one of our new party member’s eating habits. Since last I was home, we’ve been joined again by Cerrion on a more permanent basis. We’ve also picked up a monk from out of the south named Ardes and a necromancer named Kylie. She’s the one with the strange eating habits. Neither of the two talk about themselves often, but both seem to have come through something nasty. Ardes is heavily scared and while he has an easy smile and never gives in to a fit of temper, he always seems angry. Kylie is very underweight and while she gives off the appearance of a born and bred Greyhawk citizen, her accent slips when she talks to her friends from Hollowfaust. I’ve made a habit of finishing what she doesn’t eat, but she can occasionally manage a little more than half a plate if there’s enough foliage being served.

Everyone else is doing well since last letter, but less well since the Caverns of Suel Memory. Since leaving the Cavern, the Suel in our group occasionally fall into trances. This hasn’t happened while in a dangerous situation yet, but it does make me worry.

Tell Clara I will bring her blue. No, I’m not telling you what it means. But I promise that it isn’t code for something you should be worried about as a parent.



Davidnic Davidnic

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