Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

Never Trust an Undertaker

Readying 7, 636 CY

Dearest cousins and uncle,

There has been a great deal of excitement over the last few days. We’ve uncovered even more distressing information along with a few leads for yet more.

We went into the theives’ quarter to track down the Cleric of Urdlen’s hideout. There we came upon used tickets to Greyhawk City’s gladiatorial arena. Quickly making our way there, Idrys noticed that several of the great shields that ring the colosseum have “mole motifs” and weren’t sitting in their places right. We all realized we would need to return at night in order to investigate without arousing suspicion from the wrong parties.

After sneaking back in under the cover of darkness, Tulla and Idrys were cleverly able to solve the puzzle and opened a secret passageway. Which was in the ladies room. Convenient, I suppose. We followed the tunnel and descended into the undercity.

There we discovered five headless bodies of gnomes who had most likely died the same way our cleric of Urdlen did. Unfortunately, our presence brought out the creature these cultists had been worshipping — an undead dire mole. Again, Idrys and Tulla saved the day by scorching the beast with their magical fire.

We also found several books about the Ghost Tower of Inverness that had been stolen from the Library of Greyhawk as well as correspondence between the church of Urdlen and a blue dragon possessed by a devil. Yes, I’m aware of how troubling that is. Along with that bit of distress, we gained the name of the chief cultist of Asmodeus in the Flanaess, G’tharek. Definitely an Illithid name.

With all of this information, we made haste to the church of Bahamut, hoping to learn more about the mysterious “Scalerot” disease as well as let them know about the devil possessed dragon. Instead, we were given opera tickets and told we would meet someone there who could answer our questions. Puzzling.

Retiring to the inn for the night, our scholars began pouring over all the information we had gathered on the Ghost Tower. They didn’t get too far, when Qui discovered a note stuck to the window that had a map leading to the river quarter. It declared that Selczek Gobayuik, the head of the city’s undertakers’ guild, was selling corpses to cults and had a meeting at 2 AM. Naturally, we decided to intercept.

I decided to head to the City Watch headquarters to inform them what was happening while the others performed reconnaissance. The watch was quickly convinced of the notes authenticity and told me it had come from a vigilante known as “The Hand of Chance.” They also brought along a holy symbol of Zygyg “just in case.” I don’t want to contemplate what might warrant using such a thing.

At the site were clerics of Kyuss, sons of Kyuss, the undertaker and his minions along with a large, covered cart of dead bodies. It didn’t take long for the battle to start, though we initially had the element of surprise. The Chosen of Kyuss appeared and made the fight much more difficult due to his presence. Jevan used his web spell to pin the clerics to a fountain where he and Marsys could dispatch them. Villius decided to ride Loreli’s summoned rhino into battle. It was an alarmingly impressive sight.

Idrys, from his vantage point on a roof, used one of this fireball talisman arrows to torch the cart which was full of sons of Kyuss. At the same time, someone from another roof tossed fire grenades at the the Chosen of Kyuss. Though the person never showed their face, it was most likely the mysterious Hand of Chance. At the same time, one of the villains summoned a bunch of devils to surround the Chosen.

Which was when we learned what they cultists were truly after. Out of the flaming wreckage of the cart stood the undead corpse of a celestial. We were fortunate the Qui and Villius were able to distract the poor, unholy creature while Marsys stole it’s heart from the undertaker. Tulla blessed the square’s fountain where our intrepid halfling tossed the organ, and Que stabbed it, putting an end to the undead terror.

We also discovered that Bartholomew was attending the meeting invisibly. Idrys disrupted whatever foul spell he was going to aim at me while I fought with the Chosen and his devil bodyguards. Just after the defeat of the undead celestial, Bartholomew and the Chosen decided to quit the scene — though the Chosen thought to take me with him. I can now say from experience that little is as disgusting as being grabbed by a person covered in unholy worms. And fortunately he failed in his attempt.

With the fight over, the watchmen took the undertaker into custody and promptly send him off to Castle Greyhawk for incarceration. At least we won’t have to worry about him being murdered by cultists before his trial.

After all of that excitement, we decided to properly rest before going to the opera. Tulla and Idrys used their time to read up on devils and found references that Asmodeus pre-dates many of the gods. There were theories that he was something before being the arch-devil. Disturbing.

Villius and I approached an orc who runs a bar in the city for information on whether they too were stricken with a mysterious disease. This gentleman was an upstanding citizen and quite forthcoming with his knowledge. He told us of a disease the orcs called “The Cowering.” Roughly meaning “to be like an elf” in orc. It lowered the orcs’ natural defenses against other diseases which lead to their deaths, but not before making them docile and complacent.

We thanked him for his assistance and headed back to the inn. Where we found the others engaged in a fight with monks of the scarlet brotherhood. It didn’t take long to subdue them, though we discovered yet another disturbing piece of the puzzle. These warriors wore the mark of the Mad God carved into their foreheads. They also seemed intent on stealing our correspondence as well as kidnapping at least one of our members. It seems that our enemies are quite nervous about what we might know.

On their bodies we found several letters giving them instructions. They were also intending to find a way to kidnap Bartholomew if possible and wanted to lay their vile hands on the codex of infinite planes. Fortunately for us, the letters also detailed information about their contact inside the Cult of Asmodeus, someone masquerading as an ex-worshipper of Ralishaz. They had a meeting arrange in two days.

Ever devoted,
Wilhelmina Stalwarth

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