Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

Taren's Trap

Growfest 7, 636 CY

Dear Thereca,

I want to apologize for having run out on the celebrations, especially since we had to leave before the Day of Honor. I was looking forward to giving out those gifts I bought, but perhaps it’s for the best. Actually, considering what occurred, it’s definitely for the best.

It seems bringing Kalur and Jack home with me was a terribly childish thing to do. I think my sweet memories of childhood holidays spent tromping around in our yard after the feasts overcame my common sense. Perhaps I was just hoping to recapture some of the normalcy of our youth before I have to embark on a journey that I might not return from… But that sounds so maudlin, so I’ll just chalk it up to very poor decision making on my part.

While we were home, Marcus spoke with me and said that Sir Christopher could likely hire Jack and his pirates as privateers to combat the navy of the Scarlet Brotherhood which has been troubling the Flan Empire. Let us hope that a more noble pursuit might help Jack find his moral center. Marcus also gave Claire’s ring to Jack, saying that she could help protect him from his… fits of temper. Along with the amulet of protection the church of Pelor gave him, Jack now has more of a collection of jewelry than I do! Which reminds me that he still has the locket. I suppose it’s for the best since I doubt he’ll still want to mar I don’t think he knows yet what It would most likely be more prudent if he chose Well. I’ll at least get Mom’s holy symbol back eventually, though he needs it more now than I do. I just feel so bare without them…

When our group rendezvoused in Greyhawk City, Tulla informed us that her sister, Taren, had indeed kidnapped their parents and was likely going to bring them to the city during the illusion competition, the Desportium of Magick. Villius had sent a message to his mother who is a seer, and she had responded with a map with the location of Tulla’s parents. Marsys had the wisdom to contact the Hand of Chance, the vigilante who knows the streets, and the rooftops, of the city better than anyone. With her help, we were able to narrow down to three likely locations where Taren would set up her trap. We were without Idrys, Cerrion and the new fellow who had gone to the jungle, but it left us with a good number of people.

Though we split up initially, it became apparent very quickly where Taren actually was. It was good fortunate and the skill of my stealthy teammates that let us ambush her instead. The poor mad girl had her parents attached to strings via a strange magical bracelet. A well placed unbuckle spell got that off her wrist, and Qui quickly grabbed the two gnomes and headed for the rooftops. Along with 10 sons of kyuss, Taren had an array of tricks up her sleeves as well as the help of the Baklunish death knight and the Chosen of Kyuss. Kylie and Jevan used their magic to good use, and Taren was very quickly put on the defensive. She chose to flee and did eventually get away. However, she flung a vial of strange fluid at her sister which had the beneficial effect of killing the Kyuss worms the Chosen unleashed upon the area.

With Taren gone and the sons of kyuss destroyed, the death knight fled as well. We were able to finally defeat the Chosen and Kylie’s strange friends, Jeremy Moonrise and Frederick Wolfsmith, helped us trap his soul in a gem. Currently that gem is frozen in bucket of holy water in the church of Pelor.

Tulla’s parents were safe in the church of Garl Glittergold where she was happily reunited with them. Taren also, unwittingly, has provided us with a powerful tool in that strange fluid. Kylie is confident she can produce more, and it’s possible that it can be modified to destroy the disease carrying worms Bartholomew has created. It seems we’ve finally had a stroke of good luck

Yours devotedly,
Wilhelmina Stalwarth


Davidnic Davidnic

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