Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

The Case of The Doctor’s Doubles (Part III)

Wealsun 17th, 636 CY

The Case of The Doctor’s Doubles (Part III)

Circe Harnett was almost what you would expect from a cleric of Rao. There was the predictable politeness, organization and calmness. There was the expected reason and deliberate way of doing some things. But there was also a constant enthusiasm that drove the rest of her personality. Clerics of Rao can be intense but not often…bubbly. So we were met by a slim young lady with blonde hair in a short bob, wearing clerical robes, with a short sword and shield on the wall behind her desk. She looked up and smiled and greeted us in a cultured and measured voice.

“Ah, the gentlemen from Geoff…well not really. Sent by Geoff I suppose.” She extended her hand and shook each of ours in turn. “So let me get to the point. You are here to attempt to convince me that Dr. Valin Cartweight; philanthropist, doctor, caregiver, supporter of orphans and widows…is a clone of Bartholomew Serrik, a vile excuse for a human who preys on the fears of all Oerth? I am just asking it that way because…well, it is that unbelievable.”

My master nodded, “That part is not in doubt in the slightest. He is most definitely some kind of copy. There is no debate on that. Heroes in the employ of Geoff have seen it. Including a Paladin of Hieroneous, a cleric directly ordained by Garl Glittergold and the crown prince of the Frost Barbarian tribes.“

She reclined in her seat in thought, but the moments of stillness seemed to get the better of her and she sprung out of her chair. “So,” she said as she bounded to her feet and began to pace in thought, “you want to know if he has a soul.”

We nodded.

“So you are basically seeking justification to kill someone.”

“No,” my master responded, “we are trying to see if he is an innocent or a puppet. You should know Serrik can take him over at will with no change that he can resist. Should that happen I won’t ask for permission if I can not remove him…” my master trailed off and began thinking aloud. “Remove him. If we can catch him in the body he is essentially a possessing spirit, more complicated because it is kind of his body. But if they indeed do have souls then it is different. And we may be able to capture him in a receptacle. At least temporary.”

Circe raised an eyebrow, “New plan I presume.”

“Very new…we must know if he has a soul. And we must have his daily movements.”

“Daily movements, I can get you what I know from events but you will need to spy on him for that. As far as a soul,” she took her cloak and sword, “I can go find that out now.”

We sat in the park across from Cartwright’s offices. My master and Circe were in the best position to view Dr. Cartwright when he emerged.

“It will be lunch soon,” I said, “What I’ve heard is he always leaves for lunch.”

“I’m curious,” Circe asked, “you’re necromancers. Can’t you tell if he has a soul?”

“Animating life force,” Jeremy said, “Call it a soul, I suppose. But is there something there that is good, evil. That’s not really what we do in this kind of situation. We can tell if something is there…but it really is up to a cleric to comment on if it is a soul by the religious definition.”

As he was finishing Cartwright exited his building and headed toward his favorite lunch establishment. “Now…” Jeremy said, “take as long as you need to..”

“He has a soul.” She said.

“Oh please…take at least thirty seconds.”

“Why? It’s simple; he has one. A great big old glowing one that spills over with care for others.”

My master bit his bottom lip. “Want to take another look…granted he is far away now we may need to move closer.”

“Oh, no need." She said with enthusiastic finality. "I could see this thing from the surface of the moon; either one of them. Slight hyperbole, but yeah, I can still see: Soul…one…check. Good in moral outlook, does not matter to him if someone is lawful or chaotic…he is just a good man. With a soul.”

We sat in silence. “Well,” Jeremy said, “So if he gets taken over then Bartholomew would have to subjugate or eradicate the soul.”


Jeremy stood. “Frederik, Quentin…please follow him and let me know what he does. Miss Harnett, if you would be kind enough to accompany me back to your church, I have some theological questions I need to have answered in order to see if a theory I have will work.”

Quentin and I started out but I soon turned back, “Jeremy?” I asked.

“Yes, Frederik?”

“Are you going to cross a boundary man was not meant to cross?”

“Oddly enough, not this time. I think I am going to find a way to pull someone back from beyond that boundary.”

As we walked away I could hear Circe ask, “What do you mean oddly enough not this time…”


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