Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

The Case of The Fleeing Necromancer by Frederik Wolfsmith

Flocktime 12, 635 CY

The Case of The Fleeing Necromancer
(Part I)

The case of Kylie Evernight came to our attention in a manner most unique. It is seldom that guild members have contact with masters of guilds other than their own. My charge, Jeremy Moonrise, is one of the few who has spoken to multiple guildmasters other that his own, Baryoi of the Disciples of the Abyss. Not as grim as their name sounds, my friend and masters guild is composed of monster hunters and the secret police…or internal security of Hollowfaust. It also usually contains those who are sent beyond the walls on missions that concern Hollowfaust.

Jeremy Moonrise is a combination of all three such offices. A brilliant deductive mind hobbled by a level of social ineptitude, characterize nearly every nuanced or overt encounter with my master. Those who deal with him often come away with the impression of unmistakable genius or unbelievable cluelessness. Many leave simply confused by competing impressions. He is called on to track monsters, enforce laws, solve crimes and…for some unaccountable reason, occasionally represent Hollowfaust outside her walls. Make no mistake, my seemingly harsh comments do not come from a place occupied by anything but goodwill. Jeremy is not only my charge and master. I am not only his Unfailing, a bodyguard with arcane powers designed to keep our necromancers alive, but he is my oldest and dearest friend. I have protected him from himself from our days on the playgrounds to just this year on the docks of Hardbay.

It was a morning in midyear 635 CY when my master came to my apartments, noticeably excited. He knocked on my door relentlessly until I answered it. He stood there, disheveled black hair at attention , his greatcoat about him loosely as if an afterthought, wide brimmed hat askew and scarf loosely about his neck.

Wee Jas screaming at the top of her lungs…don’t you know how to dress yourself man?” I asked.
He was taken aback for a moment, “Frederik! Normally I am the height of fashion. My current…um…hastened form of dress should make you question why it exists.”

“It exists,” I said, ushering him into the room and closing the door while taking his coat, “because you care less about catching your death than about coming here with some new case like a child with a Needfest gift.”

“First,” he said as he removed a sheaf of papers from the coat in my hand, “Granted. Second…catching your death in the city of necromancers is a transitory proposition.”

“You’d be lost. Skeletons don’t have hair…you would have no idea what to primp.” Before he could retort I gestured to the papers in his hand, “Interesting mail today.”

“You need to get ready,” he said with delight, “we have been summoned by Guildmaster Danar to a secret meeting.”

He whispered the last two words in a conspiratorial tone. “Not too shocking,” he added still whispering, “given we are secret police.”

I took the papers from his hand. It was a case briefing in the briefest terms. A missing necromancer of the Anatomists guild was presumed dead, kidnapped or fled. I grimaced in confusion, “Why is the head of…” My friend cut me off.

“Exactly!! Delicious isn’t it? Why is the head of the Animators guild contacting us about a missing Anatomist? And why..” He pointed to the official stamps on the papers, “is the head of the Anatomists not in the loop? As I said, seems deliciously filled with intrigue! Like some kind of jam…”

His eyes wandered to my rapidly assuming room temperature breakfast; Which was indeed accompanied by jam and toast. I sighed, “Would you like some breakfast?”

He seemed lost in thought. It could have been about the case or about jam. One never can be sure with him.

He shook his head…”No, no. There is far too much to do for either of us to have breakfast.” He said while picking up a piece of toast and eating it. “The question is Danae calls on Bayori..who agrees this needs looking into. They in turn skip the next step where they would call on Asaru and proceed directly to the two people who leave often enough that such an absence would be commonplace. So…Why?“

I ventured a guess, “Inter-Guild politics?”

He shook his head and took more toast while seating himself and laying a napkin across his lap.

“With anyone but Danae, maybe…but her pain and suffering puts her beyond such things. Besides on the council Danae, Asaru and Bayori are close. They are in fact Allies. So they are hiding something from an ally.” He began cutting the eggs into bite sized morsels and eating them. “which is why this, like these eggs, is delicious.”

After chewing my breakfast in deep thought for a few moments, he bounded from the chair and wiped his face with his napkin as if spurred to action and vigor by an unspoken epiphany. “Get into your finest Frederik! We meet with two guildmasters within the hour.”

I looked at my plate and sighed. I lose more breakfasts this way.


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