Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

The Case of the Misguided Guhl: Epilogue

Planting 14, 636 CY

The Case of The Misguided Guhl: Epilogue

The Grand Bazaar of Zeif was a wonder beyond wonders. Colors caressed the eyes and scents seduced the nose. The cries of merchants with wild and amazing stories filled the air. It was said that one could find anything here. Anything, I suspected except one brooding necromancer amid thousands looking for bargains. It turns out I was wrong. Finding one man is easy at the Bazaar if he was dressed in thick black cloaks, a wide brimmed hat and a scarf wrapped in a way to reveal only his eyes. That, brooding through the market of colors and lights, proved easy to find. All I had to do was ask. After following dozens of leads that connected one to the other, I found my master in what was a fairly direct manner for the Bazaar.

I fell into step next to him. “You know they think you are some elemental or ancient wizard in search of a powerful artifact to save his wife from the clutches of an evil genie, but you only have a week or else she will be turned into a giant Roc and you will be forced to fight the bird.”

He stopped, “And how did they come to that wild conclusion?”

I shrugged, “Because that’s what I told them. I, by the way, am your humble servant turned into a warrior by the west wind to protect you.”

“So normal day.”

“Fairly so. What’s wrong, Jeremy?”

He undid his scarf and gestured to a food stand. We had passed weapons shops, magic shops, a lamp shop…rug shops…dealers of curious goods…and now we were at a massive food court. My master bought a pita and a salad made from parsley, lemon and tomato. I bought some lamb and rice, and sat down with my master to eat.

Federik, have you ever heard of an undead becoming mortal…an undead outsider, becoming mortal?”

“No. And since you have been dwelling on it for three days, I suppose neither have you.”

“It’s not possible.”

“I beg to differ.”

“Alright, it is possible because it happened. I hate to ask…I mean given the circumstances…but study you know…”

“I saved the blood.”

Jeremy nodded. “This could be a fairy tale in both Zeif and Hollowfaust.”

I thought a moment. He was right. It was something that spoke to all people, but the Baklunish and their love of family and we and our understanding of undead…it was special in a way to all of us. “What about the Great Guhl?”

“Ah,” my master said, “That is what worries me more.”

“You don’t think they can deal with it?”

“An aspect of the Elder Elemental God…depends.”

I became aware that I was choking on a piece of lamb. I was able to dislodge it and looked at him, “The what!?”

“Dorga Torgu fell there through the manipulations of the EEG, who played on his love of his people. It stands to reason that the great guhl is an aspect of that.”

I ate slower. “Alright. And the nightmares. Bartholomew of course.”

“We need to know more about him, and they are too busy to do the legwork. And they did not have a necromancer earlier. We are going to need to talk to Kylie and coordinate.”


“The souls, his agenda, the Vestige…where he is when he is not wearing his mask.”


“His other self is insane according to Sir Christopher. A being like that needs to maintain a human facade to remain connected. He must have one or more aliases.”

“How would we find them?”

“I have ideas. And something else, I got a shave earlier.”


“No idiot…the barber, you know how they are here; cast a horoscope.”

I finished my lamb. “What’s wrong now?”

“He said boogeymen are coming.”

“Well, that…” I lacked a snappy comeback.

“The heroes of the key. We need to get back home after the others come here and we talk to them. But the heroes fought those beings. It is in Sara’s notes that the masters can read. Boogeymen are only on the prison plane of the mad god.

My master had once told me about that place. “And,” I asked, “they are getting out..these boogeymen?”

He nodded, “I hope I am wrong. But I doubt it. I have been thinking about it for awhile. Bartholomew is going to go after the children of Oerth. And he is somehow freeing the boogeymen from the Demiplane of Dread.”


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