Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

The Case of the Misguided Guhl (Part IV)

Planting 10, 636 CY

The Case of the Misguided Guhl (Part IV)

My master and I hurried down the steps of the palace. I asked as me moved, “So you think the gatekeeper was supernatural in some way?”

“What here or at home is not? It makes Greyhawk city look like a non-magical place.”

“Yes, but you think he was warning us about the future?”

“Warning, informing…something like that.”

We arrived at the gate and spoke with the head of security. After we described the man he nodded and went to get him.

“Of course we would not know until now,” said Jeremy.

“Wouldn’t know what?” I asked.

“If there was an anomaly in the shape shifter; because we do not know the guard.”

I thought on that. He was right. We had to assume that his shifter was powerful and skilled enough to be past the inhuman telltale signs such as goat feet, horns or deformities. So the change would have been something common to the subject that would only be spotted by someone who knew him and was perceptive.

As the chief approached us with the man a look of puzzlement crossed his face. “Forgive me but…”

“You’ve never seen us before,” Jeremy finished, “I figured that out when you were still ten feet away. Thank you for your time. Don’t be afraid. The undead elemental who was pretending to be you bears you or your family no malice. It was just a way to see us. Sleep easy.” With that he turned and began to leave. “Come along, Frederik.”

I nodded hastily to the man, who looked like he would do anything but sleep easy after hearing the words: the undead elemental who was pretending to be you.

“So?” I inquired as I pulled even with my master, “Some being…”

“A guhl. Fire type.”

“How can you possibly know…”

“I know because of the man’s earring. It is a sign of station in the followers of Al’akbar worn in the right ear to show that no falsehoods may pass his ears undetected. One of the three signs a devoted follower may take over the course of their lives. He had one. He would never take it out. He, or it, did not have one earlier today. “

“So fire subtype?” I asked.

“Fire Guhls cannot mimic jewelry. They need to wear it, they cannot craft it…although they could place an illusion on existing jewelry. But in this case, they could not wear a sacred earring of Al’Akbar and rushed to meet us without finding a suitable deception. After all, why would we know he wore one?”

“So some Guhl is working against the one in the palace.”

“Or the same one toying with us in some elaborate game; either way we must find lady Gamal.”

“Must we now?”

Jeremy stopped, “Why did you say it like that?”

“Like what?”

“You know how. All…oh realllyyy. As if we don’t need to see her. We need to know what’s been taken and she would know.”

“Of course.” I smiled, “all very reasonable.”

He sighed. “It’s that or talk to the Sultan.”

I ceased my provoking, realizing what our options were. “To Lady Gamal then.”


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