Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

The Ghost Tower and Infinite Doorways

Coldeven 11-12, 636 CY

Dear Uncle and Cousins,

After finding ourselves abruptly short on time, we hastened to prepare ourselves for the Ghost Tower of Inverness. Mistkeeper seemed entirely disinterested in the fate of Kalur’s son, whom he named after Jack, but fortunately Marcus and Sir Christopher agreed with the rest of us that the boy needed to be found as soon as possible. Jevan contacted his family, and Rutherford and Evelyn set out on a search of the planes.

We were able to open the strange box found in Vecna’s citadel which contained a piece of a flute. The inscription declared it part of the “ Song of Ages,” a legendary item that was supposedly used to play the first song that Beory, Nerull, and Pelor danced to. We weren’t sure what the significance of the item was at the time, but it seems it will be important for our future.

Loreli went to the Grey College to visit her father’s study since he was a professor and wrote several books on the topic of the Ghost Tower. She mentioned speaking with another professor while there, but didn’t tell us much else. The books, however, were very useful for our preparation. Marsys chose to research the Suel woman and Baklunish death knight, finding a story about Celasur and Badr al din. This unfortunate couple died during the Baklunish-Suel war after trying to assassinate the Sultan. We decided we would need to speak to the Baklunes for more information about Badr in the future.

Rutherford gave us each a talisman to protect us from the worst effects of the tower’s planes, but warned us these would only work within the tower itself. Thus prepared, we headed out and made camp near the site. Getting in to the tower proved to be the easiest part.

The first floor led us to the Plane of Dust, a terrible place of decay. After searching, we came across a literal hatch in the floor, which, when opened, sent a ladder shooting up to the ceiling. After climbing that, we found ourselves in a room that was filled with rows of books, forming a sort of maze. All around were people sitting, dazed in recollection. The Plane of Memory. Not wanting to linger like those unfortunate souls, we quickly determined that the fastest way out was for one of us to relive their worst memory which would get them to the ladder to the next level.

I volunteered, but Villius explained that his life had been quite calm up until now. He seemed not at all phased by whatever memory the plane dredged up for him and shortly opened the way for us. Climbing up, we found ourselves in a realm of pure colors. Loreli said it was the Plane of Rainbows and used her powerful eidolon to transport us. The “rainicorn,” as we’ve dubbed it, seemed immune to the prismatic effects of the place and we rode all the way to the Plane of Ooze.

This may be one of the most unsavory places I’ve ever encountered. There’s not enough soap on Oerth to counter all that mess. An entropic ooze sat on top of the way out, but the creature was easily driven away by holy power. We entered the last floor — the Plane of Nightmares. It’s hard to describe the intense feelings of unease that washed over us the longer we stayed. Tulla and I both found ourselves separated from the others at various points. She experienced a vision of her family being menaced by her sister while I saw one of what looked like a version of our home. Only with an altar to Asmodeus in place of the main square’s fountain. More unsettling was the feeling of being watched. When I turned to look, I came face to face with the six armed war form of Hextor.

Thankfully, that vision didn’t last any further than that, and we continued on. We came shortly to a hallway with two stairwells. One lead us to a doorway with two keyholes and the other to a curtained hallway. Deciding to grab the Soul Gem first, since Bahamut said it was most important, we used the Keys of Law and Chaos.

Inside were three odd, ragdoll like golems made from a patchwork of cloth and… mostly human skin. Loreli identified them as Witchdoll Golems, and they seemed especially keen on Idrys. It didn’t take us much time to put the things down and I snatched up the gem before we ran for the other corridor. Jevan had seen Bartholomew slinking down the other path and we raced to catch him.

Tulla’s sister, Taren, appeared and tried to impede us, but Tulla used her magic to dispell the wall of gears she summoned. Charging Bartholomew turned out to have been very foolish once he spun around and opened the book, sending most of us spinning off to other planes. Tulla, Jevan and Marsys were left behind to try to put things back together.

Loreli and I met up in a beautiful garden which turned out to be the Garden of Twilight Paths — the realm of Leara. There we encountered Leara herself and Simon, both of whom were very helpful. Leara used her powers as shepherd of souls to free the ones trapped in the Soul Gem, and Simon informed us we had been invited to Castle Greyhawk to talk with mad Zygyg. We were able to take a portal from there to the plane of Ysgard.

Which is where we met with Kylie and Villius. Evidently playful brawling is a pastime of that place, along with consuming incredible amounts of food. There was a one-eyed, elder gentleman who spoke with us for a bit and admitted he was the god Odin. He told us that Idrys was stuck on the Plane of Concordant Opposition in the town that leads to the Abyss. We were concerned, but Odin said someone had been dispatched to fetch our wayward elf. We were instructed to take the… “water slide” in the lake to Castle Greyhawk.

Later, Idrys told us he’d been in some sort of strange tavern — a saloon apparently — where he had spoken to the demon that was stalking him. This demon seems to be a servant of Grazz’t, but Murlynd arrived before too long and brought Idrys to the castle. Or at least brought him as far as the roof.

I’m currently writing this as I wait for the arrival of Zygyg, god of insanity and magic, and lord mayor of Greyhawk City. Hopefully I can tell you the rest of this tale next time I see you, because, honestly, I can scarcely believe it myself.

Yours devotedly,
Wilhelmina Stalwarth

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