Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

The Wedding

Suns’ebb 4, 636 CY

I’m am writing this as a way to record the events of my wedding for future memory.

To say that things didn’t go as I had expected would be an understatement. Before we even arrived, a mob of Heironean clergy descended on our home to cleanse it of the blight that had lingered ever since the Von Slythe’s betrayal. Shortly after, the dwarves sent a contingent of engineers who blithely decided to repair and rebuild everything in sight. Their crowning achievement was the construction of a new castle on the site of the old one. This alone was more than I could have imagined. But there was much more.

The dwarves also chose this time to give us gifts as thanks for defeating the dwarven lich, Drenik. For Marsys they constructed a great hearthfire in Elmshire to protect the townsfolk. For Tulla they crafted an adamantium and gem encrusted living dog. Jack and I were further gifted with enchanted stones used to rebuild our home. So long as our people stay true to their good and valorous ways, they will always be safe. Loreli received a forge to craft magic items for her shop. To Villius’s people they sent a great fire pit with a flame of protection for his castle hall. They seemed at a loss for what to give Ardes and instead pledged to train the future clerics of Ranet in the ways of fire for the next 400 years. Jevan’s present was a great stone ship that will patrol the Nyr Dyv, defending Dawnbay. Kylie received a staff of construction and stoneshape with very special abilities. Idrys was gifted a portable lab full of mythril charm making tools. For Qui they would build a monastery in the Isle of Pearls. Fearn, of course, was given great renown and respect for his impressive deeds.

Faern and Marsys had, admittedly in the old Oeridian noble tradition, invited literally every important individual we had encountered on our travels. Including two gods. Poor Jack seemed rather flustered by the platinum edged R.S.V.P. notice that arrived from Bahamut’s realm and the gold lightning embossed response from Heironeous. I had no idea what to do. This wasn’t at all what I had planned for.

Bahamut decided to enrich our lands with veins of the purest platinum as his wedding gift to us. The dwarves seemed quite concerned and insisted on teaching our people how to properly mine and ration it. Zagyg arrived via a strange chariot pulled by flying gorillas and deposited a fully stocked library for our people. It was a bit of a relief since everyone had been dreadfully pondering what sort of gift he would find appropriate. The bespectacled flying ape librarian seemed to quite like his new home and was rather pleasant. The Seafires brought young Jack and Marcus along with them. Of course, the Sultan of Zeif arrived by flying carpet and camels. He declared he couldn’t think what to give us and had decided on a formal alliance between his people and ours. An incredible present to be sure!

The Emperor of the Isle of Pearls arrived quietly during all the fuss, preferring not to disturb everyone. Heironeous, of course, appeared in a clap of great thunder. I admit that I made a bit of a fool of myself, not sure what to say, but he simply smiled and said he understood it was always difficult to be face to face with one’s god. Garl Glittergold, not to be outdone, created a rain of beautiful, minut gemstones and handed out candy to all the children. Naturally the Canon of Rao and the royal family of Geoff were calm and less dramatic about their arrivals. Villius’s mother, Baldrun, brought a retinue of frost barbarians to supplement Villius and Hanna’s presence.

There was a lone representative of the church of Hextor, sent by the high priest currently running Rauxes. The man looked understandably uncomfortable, but was quite genial when Idrys decided to speak with him. He did give us a worrying bit of information. It seems Balthasar was elevated to being the ruler of Levsitus’s former plane of hell. Whether that makes him more or less likely to continue harassing us, I don’t know.

At least the ceremony was properly traditional. It was exactly what I had always imagined, though without my parents it felt a bit bittersweet. Normally, the celebratory feast would only last a single day, but Faern and Marsys, as is the way of their own people, managed to extend things considerably farther. There was food, music, and many happy people. Despite things getting rather out of control, it was wonderful to see so much joy.

Especially since our next destination will be the Isles of Woe.


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