Greyhawk 636 CY: The Rise of Asmodeus

To the Moon

Goodmonth 10, 636 CY

Dearest Thereca,

I’m beginning to think the unbelieveable is going to be common place on this quest. We headed to the Isle of Pearls to speak to Emperor Akihiro about the fragment of Pelor we were seeking. He explained that he was indeed aware of it and knew exactly where it was. He named the Deepsound Sea which left all of us confused. Akihiro simply laughed and told us that it was unsurprising we hadn’t heard of it since it was a sea on the moon, Luna. Oh, and there were probably pirates and unreformed drow that worked for red dragons that ruled other planets up there too so we should be careful.

Still completely lost, Akihiro blithely predicted that Jack’s ship, Reason’s Might, would likely be able to take us there quite quickly so we shouldn’t be concerned. Then he lead us up a gigantic tower where we found other flying ships docked. These were very different from the ones from Geoff and the people who bustled about them were very strange. There was an empty dock that the emperor explained was meant for our ship which would probably be arriving shortly. Akihiro spoke of a ritual that could be used to contact Incabulos’ sister, Aislin, in the hopes that she could convince her brother to intervene and cast Asmodeus out of Bartholomew’s body. He also consented to blessing a few of our items… and Tulla’s face. I’m still not sure of her reasons, but perhaps it will come in handy?

I will certainly say that the view from the tower was amazing. You could gaze out for many, many miles. We had some time to wait, so I spoke to Faern about who I could commission to make some iron engagement rings. It’s possibly overly traditional, I know. Faern seemed almost offended and stated he was quite capable of making them himself, though he waived off my offer of payment. Instead, he declared that Jack and I “need help” — which I honestly can’t argue — so I gave him the books I had borrowed from Rauxes about our wedding traditions. To his credit, Faern spent the rest of our free time reading through them, commenting that many of our customs were quite dwarfish. I’m thinking that’s a great compliment considering the source.

Reason’s Might arrived and docked at the tower, though it was Zegran who came out to greet us. He was more nervous and apprehensive than was normal. This seemed to be due to the presence of Jack’s pirate mentor who was decidedly unhappy about not being told of recent events. We were ushered on board where there were some odd changes. A strange looking chair with a kind of crown like attachment now stood on the deck. Evidently these contraptions are used to fly ships out into space, and Jack was going to be our pilot.

Zegran paused to introduce us to Jack’s mentor, Rhain Burningstars. Despite being nicknamed the “old man,” Rhain looked like he was only in his mid thirties. He’s a tall and very striking man, but I’m not entirely sure why the crew seemed so wary of him. I quite like him. Rhain was very polite and calmly answered all of our many questions in between giving us general explanations of what was going to happen. I can’t say I understood much of it, but Idrys, Jevan, Tulla and Faern seemed quite interested.

The launch was insanely fast. Everything was a blur and in an instant we were out amongst the stars. I could never in my life have imagined such a thing. Oerth is beautiful, though. Blue-green and shining. The entirety of the Flanaess was only a tiny fragment of the land we could see. It made me feel very small, but also amazed at the grandness of our world.

While I was lost in the view, Rhain came over and asked if I would be willing to help in the effort to rescue Jack’s uncle, Donovan. Of course I agreed even with the warnings that he was likely trapped in the Nine Hells. I explained that I owe Donovan a great debt for taking care of Jack, and even more than that, he’s a Von Slythe who isn’t evil or insane. It’s my sworn duty to save him. I did warn Rhain that I can’t speak for the rest of the group, but I will do what it takes. He seemed grateful for my reply, and went on to state that Jack is a great leader and has much more to offer the world than being a pirate. This is not news to me, of course, and I find it strange that so many people seem to feel the need to share such words with me. I have no doubt that Jack will be a great and honorable leader for our people.

As we came closer to the moon, it became apparent that we were being pursued by two strange red ships. They had symbols on them that looked decidedly draconic. Reason’s Might was faster, but Rhain explained that we wouldn’t be able to slow down much lest they catch us. He detached a disoriented Jack from the control chair, figuring Jack would be safer with us than on the ship which would be battling the drow. Then he told us to jump.

The fall was rather exhilarating, I have to say, and I didn’t really feel afraid. If Jack trusted Rhain so much, I knew he wouldn’t let us down. Indeed, as we plummeted, the water parted and a bubble rose up and surrounded us, cushioning our impact. Rhain’s eyes seemed to become water and he swam with a startling speed. Later, Jevan and Idrys explained it was the mark of someone with powerful water elemental blood. Moving at such a pace, we quickly arrived at the temple only to find that the drow had obviously beat us there. A weird, smooth pod was docked and bore the same symbols as the ships that had been chasing after us.

The temple was a very simple design so we had no trouble navigating. We came across a number of dead drow in their glossy armor. Evidently they had battled with the temple guardians. Hanna, Faern, and I picked up some of their shields when Rhain explained that their armor was designed to resist the power of energy blasts. It didn’t take long for us to come across the rest of the drow who were debating how to enter the fragment’s sanctuary.

Marsys, Qui, and Ardes used their stealthy abilities to sneak behind the drow, but Idrys felt a distraction would be the best tactic. It seems that even drow that live in space hate elves. He lept out in front of them, shouting for their attention and then fired two of his exploding, holy fireball arrows into their midst. This proved to be incredibly effective at disorienting them. The fight went rather quickly, though one turned out to be a powerful cleric of Tiamat. He attempted to throw a spell at me, but Devil Breaker’s powers negated the effect. Ardes, who was still unseen, simply popped off his helmet and stunned him then.

Deciding not to waste any more time, we grabbed up the shard and hurried back to the ship. Rhain decided to bring the drow cleric with us as a hostage. It proved to be a good thing too, since more ships had arrived to harrass our own while we were gone. As Jack was getting settled back into the control chair, Rhain tied the cleric of Tiamat to a ballista bolt and fired him into the air. I was rather shocked, but the ships disengaged in order to go rescue him. Rhain explained that the cleric was obviously highly ranked and the drow wouldn’t have wanted to lose him.

As we sped off back towards Oerth, it was apparent that the drow wouldn’t follow us. Bahamut, it seems, protects our world and has insisted that the space-dragon empire draw its borders at our space. A lucky thing for us.

We headed back to Greyhawk City. Rhain left to look for information on Donovan’s exact whereabouts while our group began researching the ritual that would allow us to contact Aislin. Ardes explained that he needed to speak to Simon Rhola’s grandmother, Constance Barrett, taking Villius and Tulla with him. The discussed what he had learned while down in the Amedio Jungle, that Simon’s grandfather was in charge of the Scarlet Brotherhood again and was up to something involving the Touv people. Constance promised to see if she could find out more through her own contacts.

- Yours devotedly
Wilhelmina Stalwarth


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