Bartholomew Serrik

Priest of Incabulos


Age: 24
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 170 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Race: Human


Bartholomew is frustrated with his current assignment. He is forced to spend time with the priests of Kyuss and the freakish Chosen. Not only is it insulting to be in an advisory capacity the clerics of a god sponsored by his own. But the presence of their pet monster makes them act above their station. It is as if the fact that their worm ridden freak god has deigned to send them a pet makes them somehow as important as even the lowest servant of Incabulos.

But, it is all part of a greater plan. At least the pet knows its’ place. Bartholomew has been given the knowledge of what is to come and he sees that Incabulos has a grand design that is larger than most could fathom. But to ally with Asmodeus is to beg for an ally one can not trust.

Yes, to be here…at the beginning is a great honor. But honor will not ease the millennium of torture should he make a mistake or be betrayed by either the worm lovers or lord of all devils.

Bartholomews’ specialty is nightmares. It is as lord of nightmares and father of fear that he revers Incabulos. The master of plagues part of it all is not exactly his kind of thing. Indeed, he would gleefully spread plague and death…however that often means dealing with the followers of Kyuss. His approach to plague is clinical and neat, rather than the grotesque heavy handed tactics of the Followers of Kyuss. He delights in constructing a subtle but invasive contagion…with just the right amount of dramatic effect. When done correctly the fear of the disease of often worse than the disease itself. You can have a village exterminate itself, the fearful burning the healthy alive due to misdirection and fear…so much cleaner than involving a lot of fluids. Fear is the true plague of mankind. The bane of Pelor, constantly in the shadows but real enough that no light can extinguish it forever.

Infect a people with some disease and they are corpses. Infect them with fear and they belong to you.

Lately something else has happened. Bartholomew is created from fear and nightmare…he feels he is not human. While he always thought himself the special creation of Incabulos…lately another voice has called to him when he walks in nightmare. A voice of unspeakable cold. A voice that tells him that true fear must be felt by even the gods. That the codex is the key. The key to releasing true fear upon the world..all worlds. He wondered at first if this was the first step in a double cross planned by Asmodeus. But he does not think so now. He does not fear the Devil King. But this…even he fears. The unrelenting cold. The swirl of mists. And although afraid…for the first time he is happy.

Bartholomew was finally stopped on the Isles of Woe. His body grotesquely deteriorating, he merged with the Codex of Infinite planes, but was defeated by the party. Completely liquefying into a puddle of black goo, Bartholomew seemed to still retain his sentience. The party chose to contain him and left him in the care of the clerics of Incabulos.

Bartholomew Serrik

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