Hanna Winterstar

Barbarian (Bard/Skald)


Age 16
Height: 6’1
Weight: 155
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Ethnicity: Suel
god: Dalt and Simon


Hanna is perhaps the only person not afraid of Baldrun Ralffson. Some believe it is because she is engaged to her son Villius. Others that she is just too stubborn to be afraid. Hanna would tell you just what she has told her future mother in law…that she is afraid of her, terrified in fact, but that does not mean she is going to let it change her. Fear should bring an intelligent reaction and respect for what you fear…not some kind of idiocy or pandering. She respects Baldrun greatly. Fears her greatly. But she is not helpless to the fear of her like most seem to be. For her part Baldrun finds the courage of the girl admirable. It is why she has allowed this betrothal.

Hanna is an excellent scout, in particular in the snow. She is fast and courageous, further solidifying her reputation as fearless. She understands that events have been set in motion that directly effect her life. Villius has gone to the south to embrace his destiny. Everyone knew he had one…only his mother knows the specifics. She has indicated that it is time for Hanna to know soon…and that it is larger than she thought. And Hanna’s role in it may be important as well.

Raised on the Saga of the Key like everyone in their tribe…she is wondering how large this all is in the grand scheme of things. She worships Dalt devoutly and loves to delve into caves and tombs. A Bard of her people, she understands the enormity of what is happening.

Hanna is now married to Villius Bluesteel and, as his wife, is the future queen of the Frost Barbarians.

Hanna Winterstar

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