Idrys Tavedran

Elven Mage


Race: High Elf
Chaotic Good
Age: 223
Height: 5’3"
Weight: 110 lb
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Craft: Bowyer, Alchemist

He’s built like an elf. They’re willowy little buggers.


I’d say that Idrys was raised in a perfectly respectable elven settlement in Veluna, except that elves are a tad weird at the best of times. But while his friends sailed gently through the quietly rustling natural world and laid on their backs all day marveling at the slowly shifting elegance of clouds, Idrys was lying on his stomach poking at the poor ants that came wandering by, wondering where they were going in such a serious antish hurry. Among a curious, long-lived race, Idrys got a double dose of the curiosity.

Naturally, when he was old enough for his parents to remove the leash, he became an adventurer. He promptly set out to do all sorts of stupid stuff, hang around with questionable characters, try his hand at alchemy and magic and rebel causes and guerilla wars and smuggling and sailing and poking his nose into dungeons and clubs and palaces where it didn’t belong. Generally, he was an inveterate hellraiser. Looking back, he’s really amazed he survived his 100s.

Older and wiser these days, Idrys is now less stupid, but still far too curious for his own good. Which may explain why he has taken to the career path of ‘itinerant detective.’ Yes, he traverses the world, sticking his nose into other peoples’ mysteries and then (hopefully) solving them. He doesn’t always succeed. Sometimes he gets run out of town for sticking his nose into other peoples’ mysteries. Other times, he gets chased away by something too big for him to kill.

See, this is why adventurers travel in herds.

Anyway, if you ask him, he might tell you stories. And if you’re ever walking down the street with him and suddenly he’s facing the other direction or pulling his hood up over his head, he’s probably just spotting somebody he’s praying won’t recognize him. When you once laid a curse on a prince’s dog because it bit you for trying to sneak into the palace, well…sometimes he’s kind of relieved that humans live such short lives.

Also, he likes archery. Archery is cool.

If you ever wave a doll in his face, you will discover that Idrys has something of a phobia. If you ever wave a doll in his face again, you will discover that he can cast Fireball.

Idrys Tavedran

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