Jennifer Rhola: The Hand of Chance

CG Monk Level 8


Age: 20
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 138 lbs
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Race: Human (Suel)


Daughter of William Rhola, the original Hand of Chance, Jennifer is the niece of Simon Rhola…one of the Heroes of The Key. Her father originated the vigilante persona and used it for over 30 years. Although she is not a follower of Nerebo, Jennifer felt her fathers work filled in the gaps where real justice can not reach. She kept the original outfit design with the Nerebo symbolism but added the marks of her own gods… Dalt and her uncle Simon.

Jennifer is far more composed than her father and possesses different abilities. Where William was a fighter and a mage, Jennifer has been trained as a monk by her great grandmother. In her non-masked life Jennifer is a lawyer for a prestigious firm in Greyhawk city.

As the Hand she is far more gadget and acrobatics oriented than her father, and less inclined to show mercy. She loves to help children and is usually contacted by the Greyhawk City Lawyers to aid in cases involving minors.

She carries her father’s rapier and bolas but her weapons are mainly her whip, hands and feet and throwing darts. She has a natural ability at alchemy but not nearly as much as her younger sister Constance who lacks martial gifts but can make almost any device and concoction and maintains the arsenal for the Hand of Chance. Because of Constance this version of the Hand has a wide variety of mechanical and chemical surprises at her disposal.

Jennifer Rhola: The Hand of Chance

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