Jevan Seafire



Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’6
Weight: 140
Race: Human
Ethnic: Flan


Jevan’s father is a mage. So is his grandfather. And great grandfather. And great great grandfather.

Jevan’s mother is a mage. So is his grandmother. And great grandmother. And great great grandmother.

The Seafire’s are a family thoroughly steeped in magic. Even family members who have no intention of becoming full-fledged mages or adventurers can cast some spells. It’s just something they all do. What they consider the family passion is fishing. Nets go out at night and are pulled in first thing in the morning. Afternoons are spent diving for clams, oysters, and other assorted shell fish.

And this love of fishing has led to a very good reason why most Seafire’s don’t adventure: the radical change in diet.

Jevan is only adventuring because he’s being paid to do so by Emperor Tristan. And while in Greyhawk City it’s not so bad (Jevan has already scoped out the best places dockside), it’s pure hell elsewhere. Half the time he hopes they run into Renee so he can get something half decent to eat.

The Seafire family is over saturated in girls. For even one boy, there are 2-3 girls. Jevan has one brother and six sisters. He has one uncle and five aunts.

While his grandfather Rutherford is the most famous member of his family, his only uncle, Michael Seafire, owns a shipyard. He’s an accomplished ship builder and in serious demand on the Nyr Dyv. But for him, it is just a way for him to continually develop increasingly advanced ships. His current projects include a steam engine and a metal haul. Like his grandfather, his Aunt Evelyn is also a plane walker.

Jevan keeps his family updated on his adventures via letters.

Jevan Seafire

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