Kylie Evernight /Kylie Droverson

Mage in Hiding


Age: 25
Height: 5’5"
Weight:105 lbs
Hair: Blonde, dyed dark brown
Eyes: Blue
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Suel


Kylie Evernight is a woman in hiding. It started in Hollowfaust when she was apprenticed to a master in the Anatomist’s Guild. Her prodigy level skill with botany impressed her master at first and then, very suddenly he put her on permanent cleaning duty in the lab, stunting her progress as a necromancer. Her friends disappeared, strangely too busy to speak to her. When a request from Greyhawk City asked for a necromancer to help a group of undead hunters, Kylie was tossed into the position with no prep. The group resented the presence of a necromancer straight out and refused to work with her. She spent her time in Greyhawk City writing a definitive textbook on the herbal lore of the Flan and how the plants actually matched up to lore in practical use.

When she took her Master’s exam, she submitted the book as her contribution to Hollowfaust. Guildmasters Danar and Baryoi were seriously impressed by the work, but Guildmaster Asaru disapproved of it out of hand. Kylie passed the exam on the votes of every guild but her own.

She was sent back to Greyhawk City with an Unfailing. The Unfailing refused to train with her and disappeared for weeks at a time. He also demanded pay. Kylie, still only being given a journeyman’s stipend had to choose between eating and paying the Unfailing. The paladin of the undead hunting group, Sean Westfield, looking to finally ask the specialist for help, found her abused and starving to death, and took her to the Church of Pelor. When she was well enough, she was sent home to Hollowfaust to recover.

Once home, she found her laboratory ransacked. When she reported it, she was told that her ‘cry for attention’ was not appreciated. To keep her work safe, Kylie purchased a small house in the city proper. While her lab was continually wrecked in the Underfaust, her work remained safe in her little home. When she had finally recovered, an invitation to a performance at one of the playhouses came. When she got there, she found the invitation was a fake. She raced home to find her house ransacked and her work stolen.

That was the last straw. She packed what she could salvage and snuck out with a trade caravan. She went to Greyhawk City, got a small loan from the Church of Zilchus, and opened an apothecary shop in Clerksburg under an assumed name and a hair color change. Just as she finished paying off the loan, her business was discovered by Carmilla Severstrian, who convinced her nephew, Gavin VIII, that the shop was a serious investment opportunity. Now, products from Kylie’s shop are seen far and wide. Her biggest seller is a line of cosmetics that have become a big hit in Hollowfaust.

She has a staff of experienced herbalists and a few apprentices who work on ready made herbals, potions, and cosmetics from her established formulas. Anyone with a special need gets a consultation and a special remedy. She keeps records of all such remedies in coded books so she can track patient progress without fear of her work being stolen or copied. And she hasn’t slacked on her skills as a necromancer. Her monthly trips into the Gnarly Forest and Star Cairns for unusual herbs give her plenty of opportunity to work on spells and new techniques.

Kylie’s absence has not gone without notice. Guildmaster Danar, looking for a more effective pain treatment for her arthritis, found Kylie’s ransacked laboratory and reported it to Guildmaster Baryoi immediately. Baryoi mobilized the Secret Police. The resulting investigation revealed extensive sabotage, but no body. Holding out hope that one of their best young minds wasn’t dead, but had run for safety beyond the walls, Jeremy Moonrise (Nec. 9/Disciple of the Abyss) and his Unfailing, Frederik Wolfsmith, have been dispatched to locate her. They made their base in Greyhawk City and made contact with Sean Westfield, who wishes to apologize to Kylie for past behavior. Little do they know that the apothecary master Jeremy flirts with every chance he gets is the woman they’re looking for.

Kylie Evernight /Kylie Droverson

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