Marsys Lightouch

Thief/Pathfinder Delver


Harvest Storm Reels

Age: 27
Height: 4’3"
Weight: 48 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Race: Halfling (Tallfellow)
Craft: Woodcarving, Drawing, Painting
Profession: Herbalist
Perform: Flute
god: Charmalaine



Hubert Lightouch (52, Expert Tobacconist 19)
Mary Ann Lightouch (47, Paladin of Yondalla 14)


Thea Lightouch (23, Cleric of Yondalla 4)
Melvin Lightouch (17 Expert Tobacconist 5)
Calindy Lightouch (13, Illusionist 3)
Dalgen Lightouch (6)


Barnaby Lightouch (34, Cleric of Urogalan 7)


Born in the village of Elmshire, Marsys is the daughter of a tobacconist (father) and a Hearth Keeper (Paladin) of Yondalla (mother). As a young child she was enthralled by the travelogue A Life Afoot by Pontus Hardiggin. She was filled with a wanderlust to a level uncommon in most halflings. She enjoyed the pastoral evenings in Elmshire and the magnificent market of the Free City of Greyhawk equally.

As she grew she read more an more about exploring ancient ruins and knew what she wanted to do with her life. She told her parents at age eight that when she was close to thirty she would go and become an explorer of ancient places and legends. She would do this, and then come back to Elmshire around the age of 54 0r 62 to live out the final several decades of her life and take care of her parents in their twilight years. She even had a map of all the places she wanted to go.

Terrified and amused, her parents did not take her seriously until at age 25 she started getting her supplies and gear together. When approached by her mother about the danger of her chosen pursuit she said: “I know, isn’t it wonderful!!!!”

Seeing that there would be little hope of dissuading her, Marsys’ mother and father set about getting her the training needed to assure her survival.

Marsys Lightouch

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