Quentin Gabriel Tarella III

Con Artist for the greater good


Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’6
Weight: 144 lbs
Age: 24 (or depends how you mean that)
Ethnicity: Oerdian
Weapon: Merciful Sword Cane
Items: Ring of Illusions, Eversmoking Bottle
Deity: Norebo, Lydia and God of the Crossroads


Quentin Gabriel Tarella III is an illusionist and con artist who can’t bring himself to seal in the strictest sense of the word. He will steal, but he will do it from the powerful and corrupt. He was born Oeridan but was lost on the planes as a child of nine and grew up on the streets of a distant and horrifying world in a city called Richemulot. There he did what he could to survive but never went fully to evil acts. It was far to dangerous and the lessons he remembered from his parents kept him from the worst excesses. But he did become an impressive illusionist and con artist.

He finally returned to Oerth… time moved differently in Richemulot. And the city itself was far more advanced than Oerth. So he is a man of his early twenties who is over 200 years past the deaths of everyone he loved as a child but more than a few decades ahead of his current peers in some of the daily technology and alchemy. This knowledge has made his non-magical illusions and artistry unsurpassed by all but the cleverest of Gnomes.

Sir Christopher has discovered that he is perhaps the one person who can aid the group in defeating Taren without killing her. And he is making contact in order to see what he may have to offer the party.

For his own part Quint is looking for a purpose. He pretends to care about wealth and adventure but really all he cares about is helping people. But he carefully maintains a facade of distance. He believes he has a destiny: He must, he reasons, have lost his childhood for a reason.

True to his word, Quentin was able to use his powerful illusions to break Taren of her madness after she’d been subdued by the consciousness of the Clockwork Dungeon.

Quentin Gabriel Tarella III

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