Sir Christopher Sanders

Knight of Geoff- Monk/Cleric of Johydee


Age: 45 (Looks in his 20’s)
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 146 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Race: Flan


Sir Christopher is one of the heroes who defeated Vecna 30 years ago. He is now Constable of the Realm for Geoff. Still only 45 he is active and vibrant in the defense of Geoff. As a monk age effects him less than most humans. If the player characters have any information that protects Geoff they will find him a helpful ally.

Sir Christopher was the youngest child of Sir Alderech Sanders, High Constable of Geoff and Stephanie Renaud Saunders a Cleric of Rao. He was not even born when the giants and drow invaded Geoff and grew up knowing that his homeland had to be reclaimed. His family became the main defenders of Geoff in exile. He learned martial skill from a young age. A Baklunish nanny took charge of his training. She was actually a monk and taught him many of the skills and internal discipline that have saved his life over the years. He became a cleric of Joyhdee and takes that devotion seriously even though she is only a hero god. Sir Christopher became a Knight of the Dispatch and dedicated to fulfilling his family’s quest to reclaim Geoff. He was one of the Heroes of the Key and by his association with the group he found the lost princesses.

Sir Christopher keep the family residence, Castle Vigilant, active and strong. He lives there whenever the King as no need of him.

Those who know Sir Christopher well know that he can shape shift into an Owl. But very few know why. The same age as the king and good friends with the princesses of the realm, he is the oldest and most constant friend to the king over the past thirty years. Constable of the Realm for Geoff and Lord High Knight of the Order of the Griffon, he is trusted by the king more than any non-family member.

A brief history of his family:

Sir Alderech Sanders Fighter 14
Missing for two years after a raid into Geoff against the giants. Christopher holds out hope for his survival. His father would be a valuable captive, but a difficult one. So the chances of his survival are 50/50. A strongly build very removed man who holds honor and family and Geoff above all other things. Unlike the rest of the family who worship flan gods, Alderech was a follower of Heironeous.

Stephanie Renaud Saunders Cleric of Rao 17

Killed in battle against the forces of the Dark Herald; her crypt is in the castle. Unknown to Christopher, within her coffin is a compartment that contains two short swords, Reason and Peace. +4 Short Swords. Reason protects the owner from all mind effecting spells or abilities. Peace can switch to do only subdual damage, if used in this way all damage done to an opponent is doubled and applied as healing either to the wielder or anyone the wielder lays hands on (as a paladin) in the next 24 hours. Once a day, when used together and crossed in the name of Rao they can cast a 24D6 energy burst (20 foot radius) that heals allies and damages undead. If cast by a Cleric of Rao this will also damage demons and devils and be maximized for 144 points. If the cleric wishes, once per year, they can triple that damage (432) and extend the radius (160Ft) but must make a fortitude save DC 30 or die. All demons and devils, even if not destroyed must make a will save DC 45 or be banished. It was this ability that cost Stephanie her life when she used it in battle to save a village and cover the escape of the king and queen.

Christopher is one of seven children. All gone now but him:

Older Siblings Dead before he was born
Ages at the time of death

Elizabeth (Age 23)-Dead; Cleric of Rao 6
Casper- Dead (Age 17); Fighter 4

Older Siblings he knew briefly
Donald-Dead (Age 22); Fighter 6
Harold-Missing, presumed dead (Age 21 current would be 56); Bard 8

Older siblings he knew well
Danielle- Missing after a raid into Geoff (Age 16 current would be 48); Fighter 7

Younger siblings
Trask (age 7)- dead

Emily Dunning Sanders (Age 47)


Danielle Sanders (age 19) Fighter 6
Trask Sanders (age 14) Cleric of Rao 5
Alrdech Sanders (age 17) Fighter 4/Expert 4 (Cook)
Stephanie Sanders (age 12) Expert 4 (Jewelry)

Sir Christopher Sanders

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