Hair: Black
Eyes: bright green
Height: 3’7"
Weight: 36 lbs
Skin: ruddy
Age: 47


Twin sister of Tulla Poofenplotz, Taren adores her sister and wants to help her fulfill her lifelong goals. She has done it however, in an unexpected way. One that has led her into a very unique madness.

Tulla wanted to be the gnome who redeemed the name of gnome mages after the disaster that was Pip. So as children Tulla and Taren played with Tulla as Pip and Taren as the mad god, with Pip actually doing the right thing. Their parents, discovered and were horrified. And, of course, a forbidden game became constant.

Tulla became a promising mage. Taren less so. But Taren was still focused on helping her sister. And to become a hero there needs to be a villain. So for Tulla to outdo and redeem the honor lost by Pip…what could compete? There needed to be a mad god…and Taren has been the mad god so often in play. It was almost as if he spoke to her.

But the Heroes of the Key sealed the cracks that made the mad god more accessible. But for gnomes there is another thing that moves in the night…Urdlen. The devourer. All that Garl is not…the opposite of all Gnomes…anti-life.

So Taren left, telling Tulla not to worry and became a follower of Urdlen. And she found something she excelled at, much like Tulla at magic; Taren was an excellent dark cleric. After years she returned and began a reign of terror that ended with the death of Tulla’s close friend and rival.

Garl has made Tulla a cleric by sanctifying her magic and sending her to save her sister. For Taren’s part, she is amazingly insane, she knows she must lose and die..after all it is all for her sister’s glory.

Taren is Tulla’s identical twin but keeps her hair color and other affectations different unless it serves a prank. She is a master at illusion and pranking and feels that she alone can help Tulla unlock her greatest potential, even if she needs to kill hundreds and destroy a world or two in order to do it.

With the help of Quentin Gabriel Tarella III, Tulla and the party were seemingly able to shake Taren out of her madness. She recuperated quickly and was able to use her mechanical badger machine to come to the group’s timely rescue in Rauxes.


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